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Swimming Pool Marketing Strategy

Establishing a Marketing Strategy for Your Pool Business

Expanding your pool company and gaining a competitive edge is commendable in the pool industry. Thus, coming up with an effective marketing strategy will prove beneficial. Today, there are various pool marketing strategies you can use to generate sales leads. In this present article, we will discuss some of the effective pool marketing strategies used by most companies.

Swimming Pool Marketing Strategy

1. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Improve Your Google Ranking

One of the significant ways to increase your site traffic is by boosting your search engine optimization (SEO). You can promote your search results by using relevant keywords. You can come up with keywords using Google’s free keyword planner tool. Alternatively, hiring a digital marketing firm to boost your SEO is an excellent idea to increase your visibility with potential customers.

Besides keywords, other factors that boost your SEO entail:

  • Consistently updating your website information.
  • Creating different titles for each page on your website.
  • Registering for a Google My Business account.

2. Optimizing Your Google Listing to Generate FREE Leads from Google

Another swimming pool marketing strategy entails updating your Google listing. First, create an account on Google My Business. The online platform enables you to update your listing anytime. For instance, when someone searches for pool companies in their area or rather the name of your company, your Google listing appears. Attracting a broader customer base entails adding relevant pictures and content in your Google listings. Also, you can include all the information your target population wants to know. Several things you need to include in your Google listing are:

  • Your company’s official name and logo
  • Company address 
  • Mobile /Telephone number
  • Opening and closing hours of your business
  • Your business category

Fortunately, you can reply to any google reviews through Google My Business Account. Give accurate information about your company. Most customers are likely to contact you through the contacts provided on the listing. Moreover, incorrect information will lower your search results. Thus, this reduces your brand visibility and awareness.

Google is the number one used search engine in the U.S!

Thus, update your business hours and contact information often. Whenever you make any alterations in your company, update your Google listing. Potential customers will follow the online information provided. Let’s say you put the wrong business hours on your Google listing. Clients will find it devastating in case they visit your store when it’s closed. Consequently, this chases potential customers away, thus decreasing your leads.

Additionally, updating your Google listings makes it simpler for google maps to identify your firm. Consequently, your ranking will be much higher compared to other companies. Some online platforms to update your business information includes Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, Twitter, among others.

Pool Marketing Strategy, Marketing Techniques for the Pool Industry
Google gets the majority of all Web Searches and is a vital target for your Pool Marketing strategy that you appear high for all keywords you want to be found for.

3. Reach 79% of Prospects on the Largest Social Media Platform

Presently, Facebook marketing is the most effective technique to include in your swimming pool marketing strategy. It is the biggest online platform in the world. Facebook is one of the best media for advertising your pool company.

But you have to sponsor your content through paid ads to achieve positive results. For instance, your business can use Facebook ads while sending postcards to their target audience via email. Consequently, you will receive more traffic on your online platforms, which in turn generates more leads for you.

4. Targeting Your Ideal Customers to Attract 35 Qualified Leads

It is advisable to avoid spending time, money, and resources on fringe caliber leads who won’t need your services anytime soon. Coming up with a specific target population will require you to cherry pick based on the ideal location where you want to be doing business. For instance, if you decide to distribute marketing materials in your local area, you have to do it strategically. Giving out brochures or business cards to each homeowner may be costly yet, ineffective. So, it is advisable to come up with a specific target population that is likely to purchase your product. After listing the target population, you can now issue your marketing materials to them. Otherwise, you would spend a fortune on people unlikely to buy your services and products. 

But how do you identify the relevant target audience? You can do this by identifying your most profitable clients. Pinpoint their characteristics and look for people who have similar attributes.

5. Automatically Following Up With Leads to Close Up to 80% More Sales

Upon incorporating an efficient pool company marketing strategy, don’t expect to generate thousands of leads on the next day. It is good to be realistic; even the best salesperson will not expand your clientele by 90% in a day. Everything good takes time to come forth.

What is a qualified lead?

What are leads? Leads occur when prospective customers check your website and contact you for more information. Mostly, they inquire about your prices and show interest in purchasing prednisone online and doing business with you. At times, such customers may disappear for a while and ignore your emails or calls. Nonetheless, you can win these customers by following up on leads. Rather than sending them emails or calling them daily, incorporate email marketing. This technique automatically sends emails to prospective customers on a scheduled period.

Various software like MailChimp is useful for email marketing campaigns. They ensure you continually reach out to potential clients within reasonable time frames. The software is also suitable for sending monthly or annual updates to your customers. As a result, your customers become knowledgeable about all your company updates. Undoubtedly, the more you follow up on leads, the higher the chance of winning these customers. When the time is right, they won’t hesitate to buy your services or products.

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