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Our lead gen platform helps Pool Companies just like yours achieve their sales goals.

We developed our lead generation platform before we developed a marketing agency. The very premise of our marketing firm is founded on our ability to draw consistent lead flow for pool companies. It’s what we do best. Our methods have been tried and tested in a variety of different industries and verticals including: Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Home Improvement, and now Swimming Pools. We’ve increased revenues for some of the biggest names in the Swimming Pool industry to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s not hyperbole. Our network of websites have been carefully cultivated to draw traffic and produce high quality leads for our advertisers.

  • Our lead generation platform helps with your off-site SEO.
  • Receive leads on a consistent basis from a variety of pool related websites from homeowners looking for a quote.
  • Increase your branding awareness by appearing on over 100 pool related websites.

Find out why pool companies depend on PoolMarketing.com to generate their lead flow. Our sophisticated advertising platform gives us a place to create meaningful organic content for our clients. With high authority domain name websites and high page rank backlinks pointing to your content, your authority will soar! It’s the difference between waiting 2 years for your website to pick up enough traction to start producing leads, and streamlining the process by 600 days.

Google is smart enough to tell if your website is popular. The search engine loves our websites because we produce rich meaningful content on a regular basis. Our webites receive consistent traffic and are not simply a 1 page click funnel. The keyword authority and density of the web properties we own produce immediate results.

When you own all the websites, all roads point to Rome.

That’s been our mantra since day one. We produce such a wide variety and large amount of content that it’s nearly impossible not to stumble across one of our websites. The very fact that you’re here reading this web page is a testament to the fact that we know how to draw traffic to our websites and keep users engaged.

It’s our mission to be the authority and first word in pool advertising. Our lead generation platform is only the first step towards making that a reality. We’d love to add a forward thinking advertiser like you to our repertoire of success stories.

Lead Generation

Call Tracking / Lead Tracking
Data Mining / Web Scraping
Pool Franchise Leads

Our Lead Generation Services


Our expert blog writers create content specific for the pool industry. They’re knowledgeable and craft thoughtfully optimized content that performs for search. With hundreds of backlinks pointing to your website for a variety of keywords from pool keyword authority websites, you can’t lose.


We are able to run white label marketing campaigns to generate high volume leads under PoolContractor.net in any market in America. Homeowners are more likely to submit their information on a high quality portal that sends their information to multiple builders. We never sell the same lead twice to more than 1 company though. That’s also another difference between us and other firms.

B2B Leads For Manufacturers / Stores / Franchises

PoolMarketer.com employs sophisticated data mining technology to build high quality lists that compete with companies such as Hoovers and Sales Genie. Put us to the task of compiling a high quality targeted list of prospects for your sales team. Our lead generation efforts have helped some of the most well known organizations in the industry expand their growth.


We’ve spent the last decade refining our lead generation techniques for pool companies. As the IT / Marketing source for one of the world’s largest pool construction companies, we were able to increase revenues by $200 million in less than 5 years time using our sound marketing methods.

Micro Targeting - Highly Qualified Leads

We’re able to produce content on-the-fly to rank for search. Within just a few short weeks, we can quickly infiltrate a local google search for nearly any keyword related to pools with our backlinking infrastructure. If you are looking for ways to improve your SEO, domain authority, or keyword authority for specific niche level content, this is it. The impact that our efforts have on off-site lead generation efforts can be enormous.

Low Cost Continuous Off-Site Lead Generation

The seeds you plant today with off-site lead generation will produce leads again and again. You can “feel” our lead generation efforts working immediately and we provide ongoing statistical analysis to prove ROI. It’s one of the lowest cost when you buy prednisone without prescription online and lead generation methods you can have in place for your pool company. Get consistent lead generation from one of the most reliable sources in the industry. We custom tailor our lead generation services to your companies specific needs.

Want to draw more inground pool leads? We can help. Looking to add more pools to your pool service route? We provide lead generation for that as well. Trying to drive more customers to your pool supply store? Give us a call first. We specialize in lead generation for Pool Franchises and Pool Equipment Manufacturers and Pool Manufacturers as well.

Looking to generate more leads for your pool business?

Frequently asked questions

We can keep your sales staff absolutely slammed with the amount of leads we are able to produce. Turn on and off lead flow as needed and keep your sales force busy producing sales instead of leads.

We generate our leads from a variety of different sources including organic, social media, paid advertising, content marketing and other methods. We can customiz our lead generation strategy based on what has been proven to be most effective.

All of the leads that we send you will be vetted by us first. We don’t intend on wasting your time and energy trying to contact people who aren’t interested. Our primary focus is on driving you high quality leads at the lowest cost possible.

The cost per lead varies across all markets and is dependent on the strategy we deploy for you. An organic drip campaign is a one-off cost that produces leads at the slowest rate but at the lowest cost per lead – average of $5 per lead or lower in many instances. A social media strategy produces leads right away, but the average cost per lead may fluctuate from anywhere from $15 to $50 per lead depending on your particular market.  Overall, cost per lead will vary depending on the strategy we deploy for your business, your budget, and your market. One thing is for certain though, the leads we produce will be higher quality than anything else you’ve tried to date.

On the lead generation side, almost exclusively. Many larger companies prefer to leave their in-house marketing to a provider that can provide world-class results at scale. That’s the difference between dealing with PoolMarketing.com and a Mom and Pop web shop. The results we’re able to produce are scalable at an Enterprise level for your particular locations, branches, and territories.

On an organic campaign, roughly 1 to 3 months before you start “feeling” leads come through from outside sources. We’ll provide statistical analysis and conversion reporting from our side to prove ROI on the leads we send you. You’ll also see them tagged if you are using Google Analytics.

Again, that’s the difference between us and the other guys. There is no minimum ad buy to do a lead generation campaign at PoolMarketing.com. First, we are interested in long-term growth with your company. Proving value is our primary concern at that level. Hence we don’t believe in locking you into a long-term advertising campaign. We will say, most of the companies that we perform lead generation companies are larger sized firms with at least a few thousand dollars to commit to a pilot campaign.


We provide the best value to our customers by offering the best ROI per marketing dollar spent.

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