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PoolMarketing.com employs some of the best data scientists and programmers in the industry. Our ability to harvest data for marketing purposes is unprecedented. Using a variety of different methods, we are able to datamine large databases to find consumer buying habits. We’re also able to scrape data to produce high quality prospect lists. The data we produce empowers marketing departments to lower conversion rates and increase sales. Put the power of technology on your side. Looking for ways to expand your pool companies footprint? Start thinking outside the box.

There are thousands of companies that data mine and web scrape. Some of the biggest names in the swimming pool industry are already ahead of the curve in this regard. Odd’s are this approach has been used to target you many times over and you didn’t even know it. This marketing approach is new and advanced in the pool industry but has been a staple in Silicon Valley for decades.

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Data mining is the science of examing large data sets to find useful patterns that allow you to make effective business choices. In terms of how it’s used in the swimming pool industry, here’s a prime example. Say you have a customer who spends alot but doesn’t shop at your store very often. You’d treat them differently then you would one that doesn’t spend much but shops at your store all the time. The customer that is a regular may get loyalty emails, upsells and cross-sells to other products. Your occasional high ticket customer might get a win-back eblast or text with a promo code as just an example.

What can data mining do for my pool business? Provide your business with actionable insights based off predictive analysis. Give you better clarity and business intelligence at the corporate level.
What can web scraping do for my pool business? Dramatically lower your cost per acquisition. Especially helpful for franchises. Grow your pool business much faster with better converting data.

Web scraping involves programming an automated script to crawl the internet and harvest bits of data. It’s especially useful for assembling large datasets for marketing. What is one use of web scraping? Say you are a manufacturer and want to harvest negative reviews of your product from a variety of sources so that you can analyze customer feedback, that’s one use. Say you’re a franchise and want to assemble a prospect list in a particular market. The potential is endless for this service. Our ability to accompany this data with world class sophisticated marketing adds considerable fire power to your marketing arsenal.

Put the power of our data scientists behind your marketing.
Data Mining & Web Scraping Experts In The Pool Industry - Put Our Data Mining & Web Scraping Skills To Use In Your Pool Marketing

Predictive analysis and critical thinking provide pool companies the edge they need to win.

Because of our versatility, we’re able to create sophisticated technology at a rapid pace. Our technology is the differentiating factor for growth between the top pool contractors in America. People look at a companies meteoric rise and wonder about growth. We sit back and smile knowing we contributed.

We’ve been instrumental in the growth of some of the biggest names in the pool industry. Find out what the differentiating factor is between our Marketing Technology and other agencies who claim to specialize in the pool industry. Unlike many other marketing agencies out there, there are few companies that are as full spectrum as PoolMarketing.com

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We perform web scraping and data mining services for pool companies. If you are looking to recruit better prospects to your company or franchise - PoolMarketing.com can help.