We help your Pool Company accept online payments

It’s 2020, so why is your pool company still sending customers a paper invoice or bill to get paid? 95% of us pay our bills online these days, so why should your pool company be any different than every other company out there? Expedite the process for your customers while getting paid faster and offer online bill payment!

Enabling online payments for pool companies is our specialty. We’re able to quickly come in and get you set up and situated with the payment processor and provider that best suits your pool companies individual needs. Our most popular configuration is to setup Pool companies with Quickbooks Payments – which enable companies to collect payment via Credit Cards as well as ACH payments.

For retail merchants, we offer a number of low cost setup Point-Of-Sales solutions, that come configured with Inventory Management, retail software, receipt printer, and credit card swipe. We also provider setup, configuration and remote support of your system.

We specialize in setting up Quickbooks for Pool Builders and Pool Service companies that want to start billing their customers online. Stop sending customers a paper bill and start electronic invoicing your pool customers.

Many pool companies think that getting set up to accept online payments will cut into profitability, incur huge expenses to setup, or be a hassle to maintain. PoolMarketing.com takes all of the guess work and headache out of accepting online payments. We’ll consult with you to determine the best payment processing system, merchant account provider, and equipment suits your individual needs. Our IT experts will get you set up and ready to accept payments before you know it.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Online Bill Payments

  1. It’s faster and easier for people to pay your company.
  2. Improve your cash flow.
  3. Reduce your costs for billing and accounting.
  4. Increase your sales by making it easier to pay.
  5. Improve productivity in office staff & accounting personnel.
  6. Accept payments on a mobile device.
  7. Increase consumer confidence in your brand.
  8. Expand your customer base by selling online (we also do Ecommerce).
  9. It’s cheap and easy to get setup and get going.
  10. It’s easy to learn and condition yourself and customers to use.

We help pool companies accept online payments

It's 2020, so why are you still sending your customers a paper bill in the mail? Let us set you up with online bill pay.
Want to start accepting online payments for your pool company?
Take Payments on the go. Bill your pool customers directly from your mobile device and send them an electronic receipt.

Go with the industry leader in configuring Online Payments for Pool Companies

We know the obstacles and concerns you face as a pool company owner. It’s difficult enough running a company without having to worry about IT setup on your payment system. That’s why PoolMarketing.com is your greatest ally when it comes to getting set up to accept online payments.

Put our industry veteran IT staff to work for your pool company. We’re experienced in configuring online bill payment as part of your business process. Our IT staff is here to help you manage your system and provide continuous support to your organization. Put the experience and technical expertise of the world’s leading IT experts in the pool industry to work for you.

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Take credit card payments and ACH payments for your pool business. Let the industries experts at Online Payments for pool companies set up your business to begin accepting online payments.