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Pool Builder Marketing Techniques

Today, pool service marketing is different from pool builder marketing. Although many think the two terms are similar, strategies incorporated in pool service marketing are different from those in pool builder marketing. Typically, sales lead for pool contracting firms are less costly to generate on online platforms. We discuss various techniques used to advertise your pool contracting company.

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These Pool Builder Marketing Techniques will help you improve you visibility and generate more leads for your pool company.

1. Create a Great Pool Builder Website

One of the most efficient ways to market your pool contracting company is through developing a reliable website. Your website acts as a medium for presenting all the services and products offered. Additionally, a good website increases your sales leads. The good thing with a website is that you can track your visitors’ identity and get their contact information. This way, it will be easier for you to follow up on leads. The best pool builder websites showcase your projects and make customers aware that you are the top builder in your area.

Make sure you build your pool companies website using a dependable web designer / developer. Make sure you have a website built that suits all your needs and enable you to perform basic changes. Currently, there exist websites that sell and those that tell. An example is an eCommerce website. Such websites allow customers to purchase goods online via their credit cards. So, build your website based on your company’s main objective.

2. Content Marketing

One of the best techniques for pool builder marketing includes using content. Content marketing is an ideal way to get in touch and relate to your target population. It could be through informative articles, videos, and attractive images. For example, if you are a gunite pool builder, you can come up with excellent articles that discuss inground pools. Also, you can discuss the difference between gunite and fibreglass pools. Additionally, put up a video on the gunite pool installation process to prove your credibility.

3. Video Marketing is Great for SEO

Pool builder marketing entails adopting video marketing. Based on recent studies, more than 90% of the content reviewed online is videos. Additionally, google often brings videos at the top of search results. People prefer visual explanations compared to written down descriptions.

Thus, incorporate video marketing to boost your search engine optimization. Pool contracting companies that put in place this technique generates traffic on all their online platforms. As a result, prospects receive an integrated and valuable experience of your brand. Moreover, when posting videos, you can attach specific descriptions to them to boost your SEO.

Nonetheless, create shorter videos since they are a preference for most users. Not everyone has time to watch a one-hour video. A five-minute video is the best choice in video marketing. Above all, companies that incorporate video marketing always end up generating numerous leads.

4. Make Strong CTA’s

For you to generate many sales leads, you ought to include a strong call to action. If your website doesn’t allow your visitors to contact you through buttons on the website page, reduce your number of sales leads. Contact information should be on every page of your website. As a result, your prospective clients find it easy to contact you if they have a query. Some examples of call to action marketing involve ‘Contact for more information or ‘Get in touch now’ website buttons. It is better to incorporate calls or chats to allow your potential customers to get in touch with you. Based on past studies, using phone numbers in the call to action button increases your actual sales by 80%.

5. Search Engine Optimization is key

Boosting your website’s search results is vital in pool builder marketing. Several techniques help business owners promote their search engine optimization; they include:

SEO Tips to Improve Your Pool Marketing Strategy:

  • Implement online tools that promote your search engine. Some of them include SEMRush, Majestic, AHrefs, and MOZ. Such tools help you stay ahead of the game by providing ideas of the content that generates maximum traffic for you.
  • Post videos and images that relate to your company’s mission and vision. Add YouTube links for people to watch full videos.
  • Strive to get backlinks from reliable sites. Also, provide backlinks as well to sites with great content. All this will increase your website traffic, and in turn, your sales lead.
  • Create taglines and meta descriptions that capture the relevant subject matter people tend to look for.
Pool Builder Marketing Techniques
Learn some great marketing techniques pool builders use to generate more leads.

Once you implement all these strategies, your brand awareness and visibility will increase.

6. Reputation Management

Presently, there are several sites where customers provide their feedback. Usually, this happens after they receive services or products from a particular company. Some of these sites include Yelp, Houzz, and Trust Pilot.

Positive reviews promote your brand by increasing your customer base. Negative reviews, on the other hand, decrease your clientele. Thus, ensure that your goal is to provide maximum satisfaction. Managing your reputation is an essential aspect of pool builder marketing.

How to Generate Positive Reviews for Your Pool Company:

  • Ensure that you offer responses to both bad and good reviews.
  • Whenever you make your clients happy, contact them, and request them to provide positive reviews. Send them links for the specific online platforms.
  • Eliminate all complaining customers from the customer feedback request list.
  • Before sending a customer review link, find out whether your customer was delighted with your services.
  • When a customer gives you a project, do your best from the start to completion.

Ultimately, sending a review request immediately after project completion is commendable. It usually brings about the best results. At this time, the client is happy, and the experience is still fresh in his or her mind.

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