Lead Tracking is a Game Changer For Pool Companies

Imagine the ability to know exactly where your leads come from. What if tomorrow you came into the office and were not only able to identify the exact source of your leads, but knew how much they cost you, and what marketing creative drove the lead? PoolMarketing.com is able to implement sophisticated lead tracking and call tracking mechanisms that add the type of real time clarity that is essential to marketing teams.

We’re able to quickly adapt your marketing and sales team to work with the systems that we create. Sales teams find that they have better knowledge and insight as to the marketing that’s driving the lead flow. Marketing teams are impressed with the ability to quickly make sense of which channels & creatives are producing the best ROI. Couple that with the ability for Managers to be able to track & measure quality assurance of inbound calls, and all the ingredients for a sucessful marketing system are in place.

Adding Call Tracking To Your Pool Marketing Campaigns Can Help You Have A Better Understanding Of Where Your Leads Are Coming From

The number one complaint that Pool Companies have about their marketing is the lack of clarity when it comes to ROI. Marketing companies produce ambiguous data and conversion metrics based on their own proprietary reporting methods.

PoolMarketing.com bases all of it’s assumptions, analysis and reporting off Google Analytics and other open face reporting metrics. We provide accurate dollar for dollar ROI on each marketing channel. Our fastidious approach towards reconciling marketing spend provides real time insight for our clients.

Lead Reporting & Tracking Mechanisms For Executives

  • Track Social Media leads by source
  • Differentiate Organic from Paid Traffic leads
  • Identify Retargeting, Email, & Text Based Leads
  • Track referral leads from any source
  • Track offline lead sources such as Print, Radio or TV
  • Track & listen to all of your inbound phone calls
  • Accurate cost per lead reports from all marketing channels
  • Accurate 1:1 ratio reporting across all branches & locations
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Call Tracking is a big part of Lead Generation for Pool Companies

Lead tracking and call tracking is a definitive game changer for Pool companies

It’s no big secret that larger companies have been using lead tracking technology for a while. It empowers teams to make smarter decisions about their marketing in real time.

Technologies like lead tracking and call tracking can literally clear away the fog instantaneously. With 1:1 ratio reporting on every dollar spent on every lead that has come in, Marketers can make better decisions in real time. Imagine the ability to impact meaningful changes to your marketing the same day. Consider what your marketing strategy would look like if you knew exactly what was working and what wasn’t. Lead tracking provides that kind of clarity.

Joe Trusty