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How important are reviews?

How Important are Reviews to Customers?

In a recent study conducted by Manage Rep, a Silicon Valley leading provider of ratings, reviews and surveying strategies to more than 1,000 global companies and brands, today released a white paper case study entitled “How Reviews Impact Buying Decisions“. The report discusses how reviews are now the primary driving factor in how shoppers make buying choices when they are buying prednisone online. Their study was conducted over a five year period and was based from a survey conducted with 1,000 buyers in a variety of different markets. Their findings are similar to those performed by PowerReviews study from 2014, which measured the importance or reviews on consumer making decisions.

Consumer reviews changed the way buyers shop online and how they conduct their research before making a purchase of products both online and offline. The accessibility of review and comparison data on demand is a driving factor and force multiplier in determining the outcome of buying decisions. The number of consumers that have become reliant on review data has steadily increased year after year.

Tyrell Guidice – Consumer Acquisition | Manage Rep

Reviews Impact Buyer Choices

The Manage Rep study reveals some startling insights into buyer behavior patterns, consumer shopping habits and the integral link between their reliance on user generated content like reviews. Studies found:

  • Over 85% of shoppers consult review websites before making a buying decision.
  • Over 75% of consumers actively seek out negative comments and reviews before deciding to purchase.
  • Over 33% of shoppers refuse to shop in a brick and mortar store before they consult reviews first.
  • Over 55% of buyers consulted at least three reviews before making a purchase.
Quantity of Reviews Read Prior to Purchase - Most shoppers are satisfied with 1-10 reviews.

To read the full article please visit their website or to view PowerReviews similar thoughts on the subject read their white paper.

Manage Rep works with thousands of companies and brands and is a global leader in cloud-based software that aggregates ratings and reviews. Manage Rep offers best-in-class reputation management services, data review data across all channels and helps businesses improve review conversion metrics. Both work closely with businesses to generate review data for corporations , assemble actionable insights for businesses and help increase ROI.

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