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Many pool companies have experienced some negative feedback. It’s the nature of the beast when you’re in a service related industry that at some point, your customers may turn into your harshest critics. Pool companies in particular are subject to the whims of reviews. Negative reviews can dramatically impact the number of potential leads that a pool company will receive. Each negative review has been statistically shown to lower the number of potential leads a pool company will receive by 30%. Every single negative comment that exists out there is costing your pool business money. The sad and ugly truth is that pool companies operate for years without realizing what a drain these negative comments and reviews have on their bottom line. If your pool company is suffering the effects of negative reviews – we can help. PoolMarketing.com specializes in generating positive review for your pool company.

We generate 5 star google reviews for pool companies
We repair your Yelp reputation and fix Yelp reviews

If negative feedback and poor reviews from customers is hurting your pool business, we understand your needs and concerns. PoolMarketing.com works with pool builders, pool service companies, pool equipment manufacturers, pool supply stores and pool franchises to improve their review scores and reputation.

More pool companies complain about their Yelp reviews than anything else. If you’ve got a black eye on Yelp and could use some assistance with your reviews. We’re here to help and provide expert service & advice on how to improve your Yelp rating.

Most Problematic Review Sites For Pool Businesses

Yelp Reviews
Facebook Reviews
Google Reviews
All Other Review Platforms

Pool companies reported having difficulties with their customer reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google the most. That’s why PoolMarketing.com puts a special emphasis on highlighting that we’re able to improve your companies reviews for these websites in particular. We know the struggles your pool company is facing. Let’s face them head on – together.

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Increase the leads you get from potential customers by fixing your negative reviews

There is nothing that can hurt you more in search engines than negative reviews from customers. If you think customers aren’t searching for your reviews before they call you, think again. Customers are smart savvy shoppers and your negative reviews can be seriously crippling your pool business.

PoolMarketing.com has experience with working with pool contractors / pool builders, pool service companies, pool supply stores, pool equipment manufacturers, and pool franchises. We’ve helped some of the biggest names in the pool industry improve their reputation and their negative reviews. Put the horsepower of a sophisticated digital agency that produces results behind your pool companys marketing.

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