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A website can become outdated within only a few years. Technology advances rapidly. While you may have already invested a considerable amount of time and money developing your website, odds are that if enough time goes by – that website will eventually become obsolete. Google frequently updates it’s algorithm and web technologies can change pretty much overnight.

Many of the strategies and methods used 10 years to create websites have changed. Things that worked yesterday can seriously hurt you today in search. If you’ve noticed that your website received less and less traffic lately, you might need a website redesign. If visitors routinely complain that features don’t work as expected, or you are just tired of the same old look & feel – you should definitely look into a redesign.

Redesigning your current website may not be as expensive as you’d think. Many times the design that runs your website is based on a theme that can be easily swapped out for another without needing a brand new website from scratch.

Redesign Your Old Website - will completely redesign your pool companies website and give you a fresh new look that customers will love.

We polled 100 companies that requested a website redesign from us and asked them what was the #1 reason they were looking for a redesign. There were many reasons given. These top 5 reasons consistently ranked at the top for why pool companies were looking to make a change with their website. The top 2 reasons provided were poor search engine visibility and does not produce enough leads, which oddly enough are naturally tied together.

Poor Search Engine Visibility Compared To Competitors
Website Takes Too Long To Load

Tired of the same old boring website?

Add great new features & functionality during your redesign
Put your old web designer out to pasture. Hire to professionally run your pool companies website.

Ready to put your old web guy out to pasture?

Your website can be a lead producing machine. We specialize in not only redesigning your website, but rewriting it as well to perform for search. It’s one of the top reasons that companies choose to hire us to overhaul their existing site.

Redesigning your website may involve contacting your old marketing agency or web designer. We can handle that and know exactly what to ask for. Once we have the contact information for the old developer, we will reach out to them for access to your old website. We’ll then proceed with transferring any files to a new location if you want your website moved to a new host.

Things we handle during our website redesign:

  1. Transferring domain names
  2. Configuring new hosting environment & SSL
  3. Configuring email accounts if needed
  4. Making a hard copy backup of the old website.
  5. FTP file transfer of files.
  6. Reconfiguring payment information / lead routing.
  7. Any and all essential back-end operations for completing transfer.

Some websites are larger than others and have many unseen moving parts going on in the background. Larger companies have many business logic operations tied to their websites.

This isn’t necessarily applicable for smaller companies, but Enterprise companies will need a complete custom quote on their redesign that includes fact finding and project scoping.

Most basic website redesigns will be far less labor intensive and can completed with a minimum amount of stress. For small and medium sized businesses the turn around time is very quick.

We Specialize In Website Design for Pool Builders & Pool Service Companies

Is your website the lead generation machine you need it to be?
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Most Website Redesigns Completed In 7 Days Or Less

Most redesigns done in less than 7 days

Most of the websites that we wind up redesigning are antiquated WordPress websites. Having an outdated WordPress website and outdated plugins can be a serious security risk on your website. We will check and see if your softare version is up-to-date and update any outdated plugins. We will then strip your website of it’s current theme and install a brand new responsive WordPress theme on your website.

Have a website that isn’t built in WordPress? We work with static HTML websites and update them to WordPress. We can also work with websites designed in a variety of build your own website platforms.

Why Upgrade To WordPress For Your Website Redesign?

  1. Better features which are easy to quickly deploy. Saves time & money.
  2. Great for SEO. WordPress websites perform better in search.
  3. Easy to update and upgrade without a complete overhaul.
  4. WordPress websites are easy to move from one server to another.
  5. Self editable, updates can be done by the website owner.
  6. Less expensive to operate compared to many other platforms.
  7. You own your website as opposed to sites like Wix who rent.
  8. Many mobile friendly and eye popping themes to start from.
  9. Blogging components add SEO potential to rank for search.
  10. Can be customized to incorporate sophisticated features.