Get Leads Precisely Where You Want To Be Doing Business With Geofence Ads

Geofence ads are a hyperlocal effective form of targeted marketing. With location based targeting, we’re able to zero in on your exact audience like a laser guided missle. Geofence ads are not specific to any one particular ad network or platform. This means that we can run geofence ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and a variety of other platforms.

The costs associated with running a Geofence ad as opposed to traditional digital marketing are basically nominal since typically Geofence ads convert at a higher ratio. This highly targeted marketing approach is used by some of the most forward thinking advertisers in the industry. Find out what a solid geofence marketing strategy to can do to help you generate better quality pool leads.

Example of a Geofence Ad: A pool contractor decides to run geofence ads around aquatic centers, waterparks, and community swim centers. An invisible fence is drawn around the perimeter of these precise areas to deliver highly tailored marketing content.

Our consultants have been deploying these methods and strategies to help some of the biggest names in the swimming pool industry realized unimagined growth. We now offer these services to local pool contractors and pool service companies to help you realize your marketing potential. If you’re looking for ways to compete with companies with a bigger marketing footprint, we can help.

Facebook offers advertisers the ability to target their audience to an exact geographic radius. We are able to not only isolate an audience in a specific location, but can apply filters based on interest, affinity, buying habits, and a variety of other social & economic metrics. Geotarget your companies Facebook advertising to the highest converting zip codes, top % incomes, and a multitude of other filters to help you convert higher quality leads into sales faster.

Using location proximity targeting in our advertising, we are able to create sophisticated Geofence ads on Google Adwords in a variety of different platforms and channels. Want your commercial or advertisement to only appear to people within the confines of a certain geographic radius? We can hypertarget a geofenced audience on Google PPC.

Using a variety of different display advertising networks, we’re able to create display advertising and geofence proximity ads on a variety of different websites. Want your advertisement to display on News websites within a certain city? We’re able to buy remnant inventory on a variety of different display advertising platforms and create geofence advertisements for our clients

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When you're laser focused on your target, you can't miss.

Our ability to target consumers based not only on consumer buying habits, or interest but also within the confines of a tight geographic radius are invaluable to advertisers.

Our marketing team of digital advertising associates are skilled in creating lead generation campaigns of all sorts. Geofencing is just one of our latest go-to’s for being able to tightly focus a budget on a particular market, sales territory, or neighborhood for lead draw. Customers love it because it lets them cherry pick leads based on the geography of where they prefer to do business.

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