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In a digital world, communication is fast paced. Your customer is a smart savvy shopper that is not just looking for a great service provider. Over 85% of pool buyers polled reported that communication was a deciding factor in how they chose to review the pool company they did business with.  Does your pool company consistently gets good marks for quality of service or construction, but low marks for communication? If so, this could be a fair indication that your method of communicating with customers is lacking.  Implementing workflow automation tools to streamline the process with customers might seem like swatting a fly with a bazooka to a pool company. Keep reading and see why it’s so applicable to the pool industry.

These automation tools make customers feel like their needs and concerns are addressed in a timely fashion. They empower staff with the ability to address customer service concerns, requests for an estimate, and requests for warranty work quicker and with more efficiency. A customer that feels like an after thought is bound to be an unhappy one and will sooner or later take their business elsewhere. A company that exhibits great communication with the customer at all times is bound to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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Using workflow automation to handle marketing tasks involves adding a bit of business logic and some back-end code that activates automated processes in the marketing workflow. If a new lead comes in, there are a number of automated tasks that kick off to ensure that as customers enter the sales funnel – that all of the various marketing tasks necessary to market to that customer, communicate with them, and close the sale happen in a timely fashion.

Workflow automation makes it easier for marketers to make certain that everything that’s supposed to happen does. By takes the human element out of repetitious tasks and automating the process, you free up time, manpower and resources to work on more productive tasks.

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Streamline the process for your sales and marketing staff

Adding sophisticated marketing tech like workflow automation makes life easier for sales and marketing staff. Sales personnel will love that their prospects get sent a personalized greeting to schedule a sales call without marketing having to lift a finger.

The main takeaway for Pool companies reading this web page is that technologies exist to make the sales, marketing, and communication process easier. Pool companies that embrace this technology as part of their overall strategy are better equipped to meet consumers expectations in today’s fast paced world. PoolMarketing.com has the expertise to implement these technologies seamlessly into your business process.

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