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Swimming Pool Advertising Ideas

Best Advertising Ideas for your Pool Company

Does your swimming pool business need expansion? In this day and age, all business owners seek to increase their customer base by using relevant marketing strategies. This article will discuss some of the best swimming pool company advertising strategies. They will help boost sales and revenues of your pool business.

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1. Marketing your services BEFORE busy season to generate substantial revenue

In the United States, the pool business is seasonal. Thus, it is good to plan swimming pool advertising strategies that boost sales in both low and peak seasons. You can promote pool cleaning services in the spring or winter season. Alternatively, you can increase pool heating services during winter. This way, you will be able to generate a constant cash flow.

Furthermore, if your region encounters snow, provide pool closing services. You can come up with a pool closing email campaign towards the end of the summer season. As a result, you’ll make your client’s work easier by handling this complicated process and boosting your profits.

Ultimately, don’t wait for peak seasons to advertise your services. Continue engaging with your target population on various platforms by showing them the services you offer. Even if they don’t respond, marketing requires repetition. Once you do this, you build your reputation, thus expanding your clientele. Besides increasing annual sales, you will be able to remain busy all year round. So, advertise your swimming pool continually regardless of the time of the year.

2. Avoid losing 96% of hard-earned leads with fill-in forms on your website

Pool business owners should keep in mind that their website is their primary swimming pool advertising platform. Based on recent studies, 95% of consumers look for pool companies by searching for reliable websites. Occasionally, these people are not willing to commit to your company. Therefore, it is essential to follow up on your prospects. All you need to do is identify these prospects and follow up by emailing them. It is not guaranteed that they will get in touch with you in the future. Thus, record their contact information and remind them of the services and products you offer. Doing this increases your chances of winning these prospective clients.

3. Use this time-tested marketing tool to generate a massive Return on Investment (ROI)

In this digital era, direct mails have remained significant for several years. According to past studies, the response rate of direct mail is 750% more than email. Nearly 80% of customers check their direct mail instantly. More than half of the target population prefers direct mails to emails. Additionally, almost all youth respond to direct mails, while 88% respond to direct mails in an average of six months.

This only means one thing; direct mail is a compelling swimming pool advertising idea. In particular, postcards work very well as marketing strategies for pool companies. Using postcards as your marketing materials will not only save you money but also:

  • Reach a relevant target audience within your region.
  • Postcards enable your prospective customers to view your message even if they choose not to open the mail.
  • Postcards allow you to save on postal fees compared to brochures, letters, and flyers.

Most pool companies receive a substantial return on investment only by using postcards. So, think of incorporating this effective marketing strategy into your business.

4. Become the number one pool & spa service business in your area

First, your company should have an appealing and executive logo. A professionally made logo instills curiosity on your target population. Hence, they end up searching for your company on the internet. Furthermore, a good logo portrays a reputable brand image for you and enhances brand visibility. Consequently, this will generate more sales leads and increase your customer base.

Swimming Pool Advertising Ideas

Let’s look at a practical example for clarity. Suppose you are a residential pool owner who desires to employ a dependable pool company. After some time, you hire a company, say company A. Staff members of company A report to your house in dirty-looking and worn-out uniforms. Even though their services look promising, you are likely to hire a more presentable company the next time you need pool servicing. Companies that send out their staff in clean uniforms with a transparent logo are more appealing. Therefore, if you are a pool company owner, ensure your logo is seen on your cars, uniforms, etc.

Fortunately, branding does not cost a fortune. For instance, T-shirts can cost $10 each for branding, while pens could cost as low as 99 cents. So, don’t allow your company to stay small by ignoring this aspect.

5. Capture some of the 95% of leads visiting your website

After coming up with your website, keep in mind you have to put in a lot of effort to generate leads through it. Note that more than 90% of your target population have to check your website before contacting you. So, some of the information your website should contain entails:

  • The company name and logo
  • The mission and vision of the company
  • A brief history of your company while highlighting successful past projects
  • The services and products the firm offers
  • Proof that you are an authorized and licensed business
  • Your contact information

The information on your website ought to be clear enough to address all your target population’s queries. Additionally, it should display special offers and discounts to lure prospects into buying your services and products.

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