We suppress / remove bad reviews about your pool company

If you’ve been operating a pool business for any length of time, at some point you’re bound to come across an angry customer. For whatever reason, they’ve left you some negative feedback and a low rating on your performance. It never feels good to get a negative review. Especially when you know how hard your company works to provide outstanding service to each and every customer. Hey, it happens and you’re not alone.

One thing is for certain though, that negative review is going to hurt – at least in terms of the number of potential leads you receive from this point on. Statistics have shown that for every negative review that sits on a review site, the number of potential leads that will contact that business drops by 30%.

You cannot ignore negative reviews about your pool company. They’re costing you money every day that they sit out there. So what can pool company owners do to combat negative reviews? That’s where PoolMarketing.com becomes your greatest ally. We specialize in suppressing and removing negative reviews about your pool company.

Negative Review Removal Service for Pool Companies - We Remove Negative Reviews for Pool Builders & Pool Service Companies

Our marketing experts have been dealing with removing negative reviews for pool companies for years. We have experience with identifying which customer reviews violate Terms of Service policies for Yelp, Facebook, Google and many other review sites and platforms. We’re proficient at working on your behalf to get negative reviews removed whenever possible and can provide strategy and assistance to suppress the ones we can’t.

The Difference Between Review Suppression & Review Removal

PoolMarketing.com performs review removals and suppresses negative reviews. Well “what’s the difference between removing a review and suppressing one” you may be asking. Removing a review means that we file a complaint with the web service provider (typically Yelp, Facebook, Google, etc.) and cite specific instances where the review posted violates their own terms of service agreements. We are experts in identifying what underlying characteristics constitute removal in a review and mitigating the removal process based on our findings.

Suppressing reviews means that we generate new fresh reviews to push older reviews down lower on the reviews page. It also improves your aggregate score rating because the new reviews we generate are all positive ones that improve your pool companys aggregate review score in search.

Whoa, you lost me - what the heck is an "aggregate review score"?

Each review website’s total number of reviews is averaged out by Google to come up with an aggregate score rating for your business. Even if your business has great reviews on Google, negative reviews on Facebook or Yelp can be lowering the average review score rating in Google. PoolMarketing.com is the only digital marketing agency that owns it’s own 3rd Party review funnel. We will aggregate positive reviews from all over the Internet to improve your score organically as well on our own 3rd party review site that we own and operate.

3rd Party Review Site - PoolContractor.net

How we make you look like a Rockstar in reviews

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Negative reviews got you down? Get help from the experts.
Let us help your pool company generate more positive reviews and suppress the negative ones about your business.

Helping pool companies keep and maintain the reputation they've worked hard to create

A few negative reviews can really hurt your pool business. We are your ally and #1 resource in getting those bad reviews suppressed and removed. Other so-called review management companies don’t hold a candle to the service we provide.

Tired of reputation management systems and review services that never deliver on their promises? We know what it takes to improve your pool companys reputation and stake our reputation on the fact that we can deliver. Put your pool companys reputation in the hands of responsible stewards like PoolMarketing.com. We want to partner with you to improve your reviews and your pool companys marketing.

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