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Pool Marketing - Ideas & Tips for Pool Builders & Pool Service Companies to improve their marketing and online advertising.

Pool Marketing Ideas & Tips for Pool Builders & Pool Service

Pool Marketing ideas and tips for Pool Builders & Pool Service companies. Improve your marketing strategy by following these helpful pool marketing ideas. Pool Builder Marketing and Pool Service Marketing are not the same. The approach and strategies we use for marketing for pool companies and generating leads vary differently because of the price point of their products. Pool Builder leads are typically less expensive to generate on Social Media than Pool Service, and vice versa on Google Adwords.

We Share Our Winning Online Marketing Strategies

If you’ve been wondering what to invest your pool marketing budget into, here are some great marketing ideas, tips and strategies that you can use to promote your business. Get better visibility, better search ranks, and win at digital marketing using these 10 Pool Marketing Ideas.

Top 10 Marketing Ideas

  1. Build Your Company Website
  2. Create Strong Calls To Action
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Dominate in SEO
  5. Video Marketing
  6. Reputation Management
  7. Retargeting / Remarketing
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Google Adwords / PPC
  10. Use a CRM System

1. Build Your Pool Company Website

The cornerstone of any effective pool marketing strategy is your pool companies website. It serves a dual purpose as both an informational e-brochure that showcases your company’s products and services – as well as providing a method of lead generation from interested visitors who may want to to business with your company.

There are many different types of websites you can build your pool company website on. It all depends on what functionality you need from your website. There are websites that websites that tell and websites that sell. A specific instance of a website that sells is an Ecommerce website. Ecommerce websites sell physical or digital goods and allow visitors to check out and pay with their credit card or use a payment vendor like Venmo or Paypal to complete the transaction.

How to create an effective Marketing Website for your Pool Company

There are many ways to start an effective marketing website for your Pool Company, but one of the most tried and true website platforms is WordPress. WordPress provides you with a method to quickly establish a professional looking website very quickly. There are thousands of different wordpress pool company themes to choose from. Below is one of the more popular WordPress website themes we install for customers.

Pool Web Design doesn't have to be so difficult. There are plenty of Pool Website Themes for WordPress that make building a website a snap.
Pool Marketing Website – WordPress Theme Template for Pool Company Websites

WordPress – The Perfect Website Platform For Marketing Your Pool Company

This website allows Pool Companies to have a beautiful Mobile Friendly Homepage that encompasses touchpoints on every service you offer. It also comes with a Services page that allows you to get into more expansive details about the specific services your company provides. The About Us Page provides you with an opportunity to discuss more about your company, your mission statement, and the types of clientele you provide service for. There are many tools and widgets that allow you to create beautiful photo galleries for before & after photos, completed jobs, and videos.

The blogging capability of a WordPress website is where it really shines in terms of marketing your pool company. The SEO capability of a WordPress website allows you to create relevant content that will help you capture web traffic from potential customers searching for your products and services. Pool Companies in particular that start and maintain a blog have the potential to generate highly qualifed web traffic that converts into sales.

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2. Create Strong Calls To Action

One of the reason most marketing websites fail to produce an adequate number of leads is failure to include strong calls to action throughout the website. You’ll notice on every single page of this marketing website there are multiple buttons to click on to get a quote or contact someone. The contact information to get in touch with a representative is clearly defined throughout the entire website. There is a strong call to action in the upper right hand corner that stays in view at all times. That’s not by accident, it’s by design.

Strong Calls to Action are an essential part of any effective marketing strategy. Pool Marketing 101 - Strong CTA's win the day.
CTA – Call To Action – It’s Important to add Strong Calls To Action in your marketing website if you want to generate the most amount of leads possible for your pool business.

Examples of Calls To Action in Marketing

Creating a strong call to action like “GET IN TOUCH NOW” or “CONTACT ME FOR A QUOTE” directly tells the user the action that you want them to take. Provide numerous ways for getting topamax for sale online and website visitors to contact you rather than a single link in your menu navigation that says “CONTACT”. Studies show that incorporating calls to action in multiple areas of a web page increases conversion rate by up to 80%.

Clear & Concise CTA’s Provide The Best Result

Try creating calls to action in the sidebar of your website, in the header, in the footer, and interstitially between important content sections. The call-to-action is a frequently overlooked and essential component to any effective pool marketing website. Not all web designers are marketing strategists and frequently forget that the primary purpose of any website is to generate leads. Adding strong CTA’s throughout your website will ensure that your website is not only functional and informative, but also easy to use and converts well.

Be specific about what your CTA is about. Offering a general call to action like “GET A QUOTE” isn’t always effective. Sometimes you have to get more creative. Try something original like “GET A FREE DESIGN ESTIMATE” or “GET A FREE POOL CHECKUP” and then anchor it with some descriptive comfort text that nudges the website visitor into commiting to click the button.

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3. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the best methods to get users to engage with your pool marketing website is to create a portal with tons of niche level content that speaks authoratively about a specific subject matter. Say for instance you are an expert at Gunite Pools. You could create a ton of rich and authorative content that speaks expertly about inground pools, specifically Gunite Pools. You could talk about the differences between Gunite Pools and Fiberglass Pools. Write authorative content about what you know about the pool installation process and all the intricacies that come with building gunite pools.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating authorative valuable, relevant niche level content to attract a highly targeted audience — and, ultimately, drive consumer action that produces leads and sales.

Pool Buyers in your local area will stumble across this content at some point in time. If you’ve been following the expert marketing advice in this article, you’re sure to convert a good percentage of those visitors into requests for an estimate. It’s a matter of creating great content that people want to share and that offers great information. Content Marketing is one of the strongest tools in Marketing Pool Builders and Marketing Pool Service. Content marketing is also used to great success by people who really understand the power of SEO .

Pool Content Marketing Experts - Created a Learning Center with niche level content specific to the pool industry. Genius!
One of the Best Examples of Content Marketing is River Pools & Spas website which features a Learning Center with niche level authorative content on the subject of Fiberglass Pools

Pool Content Marketing is a relatively new concept but there are several companies such as River Pools and Spas who have utterly mastered the concept and have it down cold. Their website is one of the leading content marketing website examples in the pool industry. Marcus Sheridan, the owner of River Pools and Spas has been touring the country sharing the benefit of his wisdom in content marketing, SEO and is another thought leader on the subject of Pool Marketing.

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4. Dominate in SEO

Your Pool Companies website is only as effective as your SEO strategy. We perform alot of Search Engine Optimization and know that it can be a huge equalizer for Pool Companies in terms of marketing and exposure. Pool Companies that don’t have the budget to spend on Pay-Per-Click ads can still win in search engines by providing great content on their website that will rank high organically. The key to dominating in SEO is to follow these best practice guidelines for SEO.

SEO Tips To Improve Your Pool Marketing Strategy

  • Write Title Tags, Meta Tags, and Alt Tags on your images that speak about the subject matter you want to get found for.
  • Provide authority backlinks to great content off-site that cites expert knowledge that is truthful, relevant and current.
  • Create graphics, videos, charts and infographics that speak to the content you are writing about. Upload your videos to YouTube and backlink to the article or page you created.
  • Create backlinks to the pages and posts you create – this creates link juice that Google picks up on as part of how it ranks websites and web pages.
  • Use SEO audit tools like SEMRush, Majestic, AHrefs, and MOZ to establish what your traffic, backlinks, domain authority, and keyword authority is. These SEO tools will also provide you with insights on what your competitors websites look like in search, and provide you with ideas on content to create to rank for more web traffic (see content marketing above).
SEO tools like Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, and SEM Rush are an essential part of any effective SEO campaign. Make these tools part of your Pool Marketing strategy to win at SEO.
Utilize any or all of the SEO tools mentioned above for your Pool Marketing. Best Pool SEO tools in the industry.

Pool Builder SEO is very similar to Pool Service SEO. Both verticals are able to capture highly qualified web traffic that converts into leads using these same Search Engine Optimization techniques on their website. It’s easy to achieve a top search engine rank, great visibility and exposure for your brand without committing thousands of dollars each month to Pay-Per-Click. While SEO should be one of the cornerstones of your Pool Marketing Strategy, there is something to be said for an effective Pay-Per-Click campaign. Google Adwords is the counterpart to great SEO to completely dominate in search engines.

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5. Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a crucial and essential part of your pool marketing strategy. Here’s a useful marketing tip – in 2020 over 90% of content consumed online is Video. Google frequently shows videos in the top position for many search results because it knows that people searching would prefer a video explaination to their search query whenever good meaningful video content is available in lieu of static content like web pages and images.

Video Marketing has become huge in 2020. Make video a strong part of your Pool Marketing campaign and you'll see enormous results in terms of high quality web traffic and leads.
Make Video Marketing a part of your marketing strategy in order to rank high in Search Engines and on YouTube.

Companies that utilize video marketing and use best practice methods like backlinking to their website content will see cross channel traffic come in as a result. A solid Video Marketing Strategy for pool companies also encompasses good SEO on the video itself. YouTube provides you the perfect opportunity to write descriptive SEO text and links back to your website as part of your video description.

Marketing Tip: Shorter Videos Best For Engagement / Longer Videos Best For SEO

Keep in mind that shorter videos work best for Engagement – users are more likely to watch a video that’s shorter than 2 minutes in length. Longer videos are beneficial for SEO. If you are trying to rank for a particular keyword, it’s best to make a video at least 5 minutes long and provide closed captioning on the video as well. This is a recipe for an excellent search results when trying to rank your pool companies website for a particular keyword or search phrase in video.

Google frequently shows different results on YouTube itself than it does in Google Search results, particularly when clicking on the video tab. However, a trial and error approach of promoting the video, enhancing the video description to include useful backlinks, tweaking the video title and embedding the video on multiple websites will often lead to a #1 search result if applied properly as part of your Pool Marketing Strategy. Pool Builders & Pool Service companies that use video marketing as part of their arsenal will benefit enormously.

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6. Reputation Management

In the digital world we live in today, customers look to engage business owners and other by offering their experience through reviews. Websites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, Houzz, Trust Pilot, Better Business Bureau, Yellowpages, are able to have their review scores picked up in search. Your pool company might have a terrific review score on Facebook, but might not look so hot on Google or vice versa. The number of negative reviews your business gets will definitely reflect in your aggregate review score. It’s essential to watch and maintain your companies reputation in every platform that you have reviews. Reputation Management is now an essential part of Pool Marketing.

Rep Management for Pool Builders and Pool Service companies is definitely a priority in Pool Marketing.
Generating positive reviews from customers is an essential aspect of Reputation Management for Pool Companies.

How To Generate Positive Reviews For Your Pool Company

  1. Do a good job for all your customers – that part really goes without saying.
  2. Contact happy customers right away to get them to share their positive experience.
  3. Survey customers before asking for a review to see how they felt about their customer experience.
  4. Filter potential negative customers from the review request eblast or text message you send out.
  5. Respond to each and every review you get – both good and bad.

Remember, there are reputation manangement systems created specifically to help pool builders and pool service companies manage their reputation and stay on top of reviews. “Closed mouths don’t get fed” as the saying goes. Asking for a testimonial or review is absolutely fine, however many review sites frown upon compensating customers for reviews. Incorporating your review request at a key part in your sales cycle produces the most optimal results. Sending a review request out right after pool school or after cleaning the pool often yields the best amount of positive reviews.

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7. Retargeting / Remarketing

Retargeting allows you to keep the window open longer during the sales cycle and stay top of mind with prospects. Remarketing gives you the ability to take turn a one-off website visit into multiple products to market to a potential customer. Both retargeting and remarketing campaigns are similar in what they do, but serve completely different functions. Both retargeting and remarketing service their purpose in Pool Marketing. They are both an excellent form of advertising and one of the lowest cost-per-conversion in terms of generating leads for your pool business.

Retargeting definitely has it’s place in Pool Marketing

Our own website utilizes retargeting technology through Adroll, but there are many different service providers out there. To set up a retargeting or remarketing campaign, you will need to first pick a provider to work with. Some only focus on a particular platform like Facebook or YouTube. Others are directly integrated into major distribution networks that cover both Social Media and a variety of websites and apps.

Retargeting & Remarketing are some of the best Pool Marketing strategies you can deploy for your Pool Business. Remarketing for Pool Builders. Retargeting for Pool Service.
Retargeting / Remarketing is one of the lowest cost per conversion pool marketing strategies you can deploy.

Smart marketing companies are able to retarget customers with emails, display ads, and SMS messaging. It’s imperative to incorporate an effective retargeting campaign as part of your pool marketing strategy if you want to remain competitive. Tech savvy pool guys and gals will definitely get this concept.

A Laymens Approach To Retargeting & Remarketing

You’re shopping for a pressure washer on Amazon. For whatever reason you haven’t pulled the trigger yet and completed a purchase. Maybe a customer called or you had an errand to run or something came up. Point is, you’re still in the market for a pressure hose and Amazon knows it. Suddenly you begin seeing banner ads everywhere for the same pressure hose you were looking at a few hours ago. You’re on Facebook and see ads for the same product, and when you check the baseball scores there they are again on ESPN. You get on your phone to play a game after work and before the game loads, there’s that dang pressure hose again in an ad in the game! That thing is everywhere!

Example of Retargeting & Remarketing – Pool Marketing

That’s a prime example of retargeting applied to regular every day products. We are able to do the same exact thing in the pool industry. If you own a retail or ecommerce store, or sell pools or pool service – it’s all the same marketing strategy and it all works beautifully.

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8. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the best pool marketing strategies that can grow your business fast! Going Viral on Social Media is alot harder than it sounds though. For companies that want to generate huge followings on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter – it’s essential to know the fundamentals of marketing on Social Media.

The number one factor according to many experts in social media marketing is to know which platforms your audience is engaged on. In the swimming pool industry – it’s definitely Facebook & Instagram that get the lions share of social media maketing dollars right now. The ROI on those two platforms is tremendous.

Facebook Marketing for Pool Companies

Facebook Marketing right now is one of the most successful pool marketing methods. The prime demographic of home owners and potential pool buyers is on Facebook & Instagram. Both of these platforms allow you to run highly targeted ads, create custom audiences, and run lead generation campaigns. Facebook owns both platforms so you can advertise on Facebook & Instagram simultaneously.

Facebook Marketing is white hot right now for Pool Companies and is one of the most popular marketing strategies for Pool Builders & Pool Service Companies.

Go Where The Customers Are

Pool Marketing 101 says go where the customers are. Right now they are definitely on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Customers go on Facebook and Instagram to post videos, photos and keep up with family and friends. Twitter is mostly news and opinions but still has a huge user base. YouTube is where everyone goes to watch videos and news. There are a number of emerging Social Media platforms to keep an eye on as well.

Pool Marketing 101 says go where the customers are. This Social Media chart shows the percentage of US Adults who used each of the most Popular Social Media Platforms. Pew Research Study Conducted 2012-2019
Source: Pew Research Study Conducted 2012-2019

5 Marketing Tips For Social Media Marketing in the Pool Industry

  1. People hate to be sold to. Not every post has to be a Sale or Promotion or has to be about your brand. The most successful brands incorporate humor, emotion and open dialogue with customers on their Social Media.
  2. Let photos do the selling for you. We happen to be in one of the most fun and dynamic industries where consumers LOVE to look at photos of your product – show them Pools! Customers love dream building and sharing ideas. Put your best pool photos on Social Media and promote them. Make sure they are branded with your company logo and contact information.
  3. If you have someone managing your social media account, make sure they stay on brand, on message and speak in the voice best suited for your business or brand. Make certain you have administrative control over all your social media accounts, so if you change staff you don’t lose access to your brands social media channels.
  4. Customers can tell when you’ve abandoned a social media channel. If the last time you posted to Facebook was 2 years ago, it shows. Make sure you are posting regularly to each channel you have.
  5. Watch out for emerging Social Media channels like Snapchat, WhatsApp, TikTok, Discord, and others. These platforms are slightly different than the ones you are used to but have enormous user bases and are coming on strong.

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9. Google Adwords / PPC

Google Adwords needs to be a part of your marketing strategy. Organic search relevance is agreat thing to have. SEO is important, but paid advertising shows up ahead of natural search results. It’s the simple truth that if your competitors are ignoring SEO but paying heavily on Pay-Per-Click, their advertising and visibility will trump yours every time. The best way to remain competitive in marketing is to cover all the bases. That means creating an effective Google Adwords campaign is a must.

We are SEO and Google Adwords Experts in the Pool Industry. We help pool companies get their search engine optimization and pay-per-click on track.
Google Adwords / PPC is one of the most popular pool marketing platforms for Pool Builders & Pool Service companies that want to show up high in Google ahead of their competitors

Google Adwords Marketing Methods

  1. Contextual Advertising – Show up in relevant search results for keyword searches on Google. Example – Customer searches your brand name, you immediately show up. Another example is a generic keyword search like “pools”. This will show your ad to anyone searching for anything with the keyword “pools”. Targeted contextual ads would allow you to target customers searching more exact keywords and phrases like “pool builder” and “pool service”.
  2. Display Advertising – Your banner or video will display alongside the content in websites, social media platforms, and apps. Google allows you to segment traffic and run different banners for different campaigns. You could run one banner advertising service and another banner advertising products or variations of creatives and see how they perform over time.
  3. Retargeting Advertising – Every time someone visits your website they will load a tracking “cookie” that is used to retarget customers again and again with display advertising and videos. For more information, see the section of this article discussing Retargeting & Remarketing.
  4. Geofence Advertising – Google allows advertisers to draw a circle on a map, add specific zip codes and isolate your marketing to even an event or public gather

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10. Use a CRM System

The component that ties all your marketing systems together is a CRM System. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) warehouses and stores vital customer data such as contact information, products and services they are interested in, stores documents and all communication back and forth with customers, prospects and potentially vendors. This is a marketing tool that many successful pool companies use to track their leads. Many companies opt to have their own custom CRM solution coded in-house to suit their individual business and workflow. Still there are numerous off the shelf CRM systems such as Hubspot, Salesforce and many others that integrate seamlessly into your business process.

Top 5 Uses For a CRM System

  1. Store all of your companies leads and customers.
  2. Communication tools allow you to email & text customers and prospects.
  3. Stores files, documents, images such as PDF’s, JPG’s, DOC’s, XLS’s and other important data.
  4. Tracks the source of leads, who they went to, and the percentage of which they closed into sales.
  5. Reports & metrics that let you know how your company is doing in Sales & Marketing.
CRM systems for pool companies. Let us integrate Salesforce or Hubspot for your pool company.
A CRM System can put your Pool Marketing on rails

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