PoolMarketing.com provides Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing for Pool Companies.

Social Media Management For Pool Builders & Pool Service Companies

Does your social media need a boost? We specialize in providing expert social media management.

Pool companies have been struggling to make sense of social media the last ten years. Many are aware of the power that social media offers in terms of driving leads and sales, but often are not truly adept at capitalizing on Social Media. That’s understandable, your business is pools not social media. Rest assured, there is no one that knows your audience better than us. We can manage your pool companys social media accounts, marketing spend and provide you with world class reporting and analytics.

  • Monthly management of all your pool companys social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and more.
  • We schedule & publish appropriate content, messaging, images, videos and graphics using your company branding guidelines and standards.
  • We can manage comments, reviews and leads.
  • Set up new social media channels and create instant followers / likes.

If your pool company is looking for ways to increase your social media following but just hasn’t found a way to execute properly, we can help! We have experience with working with pool companies all over the country. Our social media management experts can take over your social channels. Put your social media on autopilot with PoolMarketing.com. You’ll have the comfort of knowing that your Social Media is managed by the industry experts.

We produce creative content that makes people want to share, like, and contact your business like never before. Find out what the differentiating factor of hiring a social media management company that specifically specializes in the pool industry can do for your company. Let this year be the one where your company explodes out of the gate on social media and truly propels your brand.

Our Social Media Management expertise goes far beyond simply posting to Facebook and Twitter. We’re able to create world class sophisticated marketing campaigns that convert likes and follows into real sales. Our mantra concerning Social Media Marketing is, “Likes are Nice but Cash is King!”

Let Us Take Your Pool Companys Social Media To The Next Level

Whether your pool company already has a good grasp on social media or you are completely new to it, we can work with you. Our industry experts will take over your social media platforms and begin developing an audience that will propel your brand locally, regionally, or world-wide. We have the capability to maximize every dollar spent on social media for the highest ROI in the industry.

Our Social Media Management Services


The most popular social media channels for Pool Companies today are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google My Business, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. If you are missing any of these important social media channels, we can create them and fill them in with content. We can also supply instant followers and likes so that your social media properties appear “lived in”.


We will write and create fresh content for your pool companys social media channels. Our industry experts will manufacture content that conforms to you companys brand and tone. We will schedule content to publish when your audience is statistically most engaged, for an additional fee we can also boost these posts to help you build an audience.


One of the core services we offer at PoolMarketing.com is our social media marketing services. Our social media experts will create compelling campaigns that return a maximum ROI for every dollar spent. You haven’t experienced anywhere near the level of success possible on Social Media until you have PoolMarketing.com run your campaigns.


Since the very inception of Social Media, we’ve been running effective marketing strategies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a variety of other social media platforms. We’ve refined our techniques to topamax buy online and deliver the maximum amount of ROI for every marketing dollar spent. Our marketing experts will analyze your target audience, territory, and budget to formulate a strategy that delivers.

Whether you are looks for likes, followers, viewers, web traffic, or leads – we can create an effective strategy. Our ability to tie sophisticated marketing systems, CRM’s and automation systems into our social media campaigns are indicative of the type of expertise you can expect from a world class digital agency.


Pool Companies that elect to make the decision to have PoolMarketing.com manage their social media experience unprecedented success. Your visibility in the marketplace will increase immediately. PoolMarketing.com’s social media expertise is a force factor that most competitors are unable to withstand. With an intelligent marketing strategy driven by the leading experts in the industry, your pool company will be unstoppable on social media.

Our social media expertise is an absolute game changer for your pool company.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve been managing multi-location pool companies ad spend for the last 5 years. Our ability to run engagement campaigns and lead conversion campaigns has completely changed the dynamics of lead flow for some of the largest pool companies in the industry. With millions of dollars in ad spend management to our credit, your marketing is in solid hands with reputable Social Media experts.

Social media and SEO are a marathon, not a sprint. You need a reliable marketing partner that is commited to your companies success. We treat your marketing budget as if it were our own money. We know every dollar counts and invest it in proven strategies we know deliver. It doesn’t hurt that we also know the pool industry and are hyper focused on the needs, wants and struggles that your pool company has.

Absolutely. When you sign up for Social Media management with PoolMarketing.com you’ll immediately be assigned an Account Executive that will manage your social media channels and campaigns. They’ll work closely with you to establish a budget, target audience, ad collateral, lead routing, and everything else you’ll need in order to use Social Media as an effective marketing platform.

That entirely varies on the level of services you require. Our introductory pricing for managing 1 social media channel like Facebook or Instagram starts at $199 a month. Basic service entails posting regular content to your social media channel at least once a day 5 times a week. Service pricing can go up from there depending on whether you’d like higher frequency, more channels, or more exclusive content such as video or custom graphics.

That’s no problem. You’re in the right place that’s for sure. Let’s get you started with the basics that your pool company needs in order to have an effective social media presence. Facebook Page for the business, Twitter account, Instagram account, Google My Business and LinkedIn are great to start with. We can create each of those social media channels for you as the owner, add ourselves as managers and begin populating your pages with content. We can also stack a few thousand followers on each of your social media channels so that they look “well lived in”.

Absolutely. We can blow up your social media channels with thousands of followers within days to make you appear active and engaged on social media. We can also start running engagement campaigns that deliver followers that like, comment on, and share your content with their friends – which is the real goal of advertising on social media. Let’s formulate a strategy together that works for your business and gets you the maximum amount of visibility.

We’re a digital agency so we create some pretty sophisticated components to interface with Social Media. We’ve programmed apps, sweepstakes, contests, games, and a variety of different interfaces for websites. One of the top SEO drivers today is social signals from activity on Social Media and there’s no one that understands how to leverage that better than us.


We provide the best value to our customers by offering the best ROI per marketing dollar spent.

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