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Pool industry event planning is a niche-level skill that not everyone possesses. It helps to have a deep Rolodex of contacts and the expertise that comes with decades of planning successful events. PoolMarketing.com is affiliated with some of the best and brightest minds in the swimming pool industry. When it comes to helping companies plan the proper event, we’ve got you covered from end to end. From assisting you with finding the proper venue(s) for your event to helping you run and staff the occasion along with all the resources to ensure a successful event launch.

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Pool Industry Event Planning & Management

Because of our deep desire to help pool industry professionals partner with the best and most reliable experts, we are happy to recommend Lisa Ryckeley, a veteran pool industry professional event planner, and coordinator. Her expertise lies in helping companies such as yours plan, market, and properly execute their event. In coordination, PoolMarketing.com is able to assist with all of the deliverable marketing tasks associated with the event and are happy to coordinate and collaborate with Lisa Ryckeley to ensure all elements associated with marketing the event run smoothly.

Need help with launching an event for your pool company?
Lisa Ryckeley - Pool Industry Expert Event Planner

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Lisa Ryckeley is pool industry professional who is passionate about and committed to helping execute events and conveying an organization’s messaging CoinJoin. She connects people and venues to produce memorable events for her clients.  Lisa specializes in personalizing events for her clients and handling logistics and event flow with grace.

Adept at creating and managing full projects and project plans, including: idea conception; scouting locations; soliciting bids; creating and negotiating contracts; managing vendor relationship and client communications; helping lead a pre-conference team; onsite coordination to ensure smooth operations; managing budgets, and post event reporting.  Her goal is to ensure the client can focus on the conference meeting, seminar, or event at hand, while she covers the details. Clients who choose to work with Lisa appreciate her candor, sincerity, and carrying personality.

Most of Lisa’s career has been with non-profit associations. In 2001, after ten years with a state-run association, she started her own event management company in Nashville, Tennessee. She secured an Event Coordinator contract with a leading educator in the pool and spa industry (GENESIS), and enjoyed a successful career for twenty years buy Spotify Plays. She then successfully transitioned, along with GENESIS, as Director of Events with the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA). Benefit from Lisa Ryckeley’s experience and schedule a consultation with her today.

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