Pool Companies Must Begin Adapting Their Marketing For Voice Advertising

Voice search will be the new marketing frontier for advertisers in 2020. As websites and service providers like Amazon, Apple, and Google begin to open up their voice advertising networks, more advertisers will begin to participate. Alexa has already made it possible for pool equipment manufacturers and pool equipment suppliers with stores on Amazon to begin advertising on Voice. Google is rapidly working on integrating advertising into it’s Google Voice Assistant product, as is Apple with Siri. In preparation for that, there are a number of things that pool companies can do in the interim to beef up their website so that it’s organically friendly for voice search.

Voice searches are already shown to constitute an increasingly larger share of search queries. Nearly 50% of all queries performed on Google were Voice searches. Websites can be intentionally written to perform better for Google voice searches, as can Pay-Per-Click campaigns. This is something that not everyone in the industry is even aware of at this point because the technology is so new. While Amazon still dominates currently when discussing Voice advertising, you can expect Google, Apple, and perhaps even Facebook to make a serious push into Voice in the coming decade.

Most web traffic is mobile these days. Experts predict that by 2023 the majority of web searches will be Voice searches. We cannot stress enough the importance of paying attention to this upcoming trend NOW. Pool companies who are early adapters will experience wild success.

Demographic Using Voice To Shop

Over 43% of people in the prime pool buying demographic use their Voice device to make buying decisions

Over 43% of prime demographic pool buyers make buying decisions through Voice

How can getting into voice advertising help my pool company?

With over 43% of people in the prime pool buying demographic using voice, it's become impossible to ignore.

Voice is the big fat white elephant in the room for many marketing companies. There isn’t alot of clarity or direction on how companies can get started in the voice spectrum but we’ve figured it out and are eager to share our expertise. There’s a ton of potential there for advertisers that are willing to experiment with something new.

Pool companies that opt to get into voice early will reap the benefits. Technology is rapidly shifting towards Voice, AI, and Chatbots.  The future of advertising will be automated and involve dynamic consumer decision based digital marketing. How your company adapts this technology will effect your marketing, not within the next 10 years – but within the next 3.

Joe Trusty