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Social Media Marketing for Pool Builders & Pool Service Companies

PoolMarketing.com® is helping pool builders and pool service companies generate higher quality leads on social media and lower their cost per lead in the process. If your pool company has tried social media advertising, and you’ve run ads on Facebook & Instagram but haven’t seen good results, you need to watch this video. We demonstrate how we were able to lower one pool builders cost per lead to just $33 per qualified lead!

That’s crazy in the pool industry. We’re talking a luxury high ticket item that can cost over $100,000. Finding pool leads that cheap is like discovering sunlight before there was sunlight! Listen, we’re all looking for leads that convert into sales. That’s where PoolMarketing.com® excels and delivers big time results. Off of just a $200 ad spend we produced 6 high quality leads and one of them converted into a sale. When is the last time you saw that kind of cost per acquisition on a pool?

Social Media Marketing For Pool Builders & Pool Service Companies

The best part about choosing one of the leading social media marketing agencies like ours; you don’t have to be a pool builder to benefit from our service. Pool service companies are using PoolMarketing.com® for advertising too and we’re generating new pool routes, pool service contracts and helping them close more deals on social media every day! Find out for yourself why we’re the preferred digital marketing agency for the pool & spa industry.

PoolMarketing.com® is a member of the PHTA and an approved vendor of Carecraft. PoolMarketing.com® also owns it’s own network of high performing websites, our most well known property Pool Magazine. We’re deeply rooted in the pool industry and can do wonders towards helping you achieve better results through your social media marketing and your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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Pool Marketing Expert - Joe Trusty provides expert marketing advice to Pool Builders and Pool Service companies. Joe Trusty is a veteran marketing expert with over 20 years experience in Website Design & Development and SEO. He successfully managed Marketing & IT for one of the world's largest Pool Builders and increased their revenue annually by hundreds of millions of dollars. Joe Trusty is the foremost marketing expert in the Swimming Pool Industry and CEO of PoolMarketing.com

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