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Pool Leads – Learn From The Marketing Experts

Let’s face it, not all pool leads are created equal. When it comes to generating high quality pool leads that actually convert into sales there are a limited amount of reliable marketing sources. Consequently, when we are generate leads for pool companies, we take a different approach than many typical marketing agencies in the pool industry do. Pool leads are a dime a dozen right now, everyone is interested in a swimming pool. In 2021 it’s become more about getting to the high quality pool leads that actually are ready to buy and are located in the premium areas of your service territory.

Not all pool leads are created equal. Are coping kickers wasting your sales teams time & resources?

Keeping a Sales Staff Busy vs Keeping Them Productive

Time is money, and your sales people can’t afford to waste time all day running low quality junk leads that don’t convert into sales. Other lead generation services that service the pool industry don’t quite get the fact that volume doesn’t equate into sales. A highly effective sales organization needs high quality pool leads in order to meet revenue goals. The business is has to grow, expand it’s brand, and attract new customers, all while attracting enough quality prospects at the same time. It’s a tight rope to walk for many pool companies and a skill that takes a considerable amount of dexterity to master.

Two things to consider here, lead volume versus lead quality. You can’t also turn on lead volume at the drop of a hat. Seasonality, weather, and other conditions such as the recent Covid-19 pandemic and election unrest can all impact lead flow and lead quality. Having a marketing company that can turn on a dime and make effective changes to minimalize fallout is essential. We help pool companies keep their budget and their marketing goals consistent, despite what may be going on in the world day to day.

It’s essential that if you want your pool company to be able to execute from the sales side, that you allocate time and energy into managing your marketing channels. After all, it’s what keeps the sales pipeline full. Knowing your most effective marketing channels should probably be the first item on your to-do list. We’ve shortened the list to the most effective strategies that produce results immediately for pool companies.

When Sales People Start Saying No More Leads…

There is definitely such a thing as too many leads. Having a large abundance of low quality leads benefits no one. Sales people waste their time running poor quality leads with prospects who have little intention of buying. This wastes the time and energy of the sales staff and serves to demotivate personnel. Instead of high quantity, focus on high quality. Here are some of the best methods utilized by successful pool organizations today.

There is such a thing as too many pool leads. High volume doesn’t always equate to high quality. Keeping sales people busy running junk leads is not a good strategy for sustainable growth.

Social Media Advertising for Pool Companies

Social Media campaigns are one of the most effective forms of advertising for pool companies. A well run Facebook Marketing campaign is one of the best strategies that can produce some serious results for your pool organization. Finding the time to run advertising campaigns and your pool company at the same time can be tricky though. Consequently, we are here to provide continuous marketing support for pool companies that find it difficult to manage both simultaneously.

Social Media Management and Advertising for Pool Companies - Facebook Management, Twitter Management, Instagram Management
Does your pool company have someone continuously managing Social Media for your brand? Social media is one of the best lead generation sources for pool companies. If you aren’t actively managing your brand, you are leaving money on the table.

Google Adwords Management For Pool Companies

Google Adwords is the preferred platform for generating leads immediately. Many pool companies build a brand new website and are waiting for it to rank. Their SEO efforts may take a while to start bearing fruit. Consequently, they need pool leads immediately, not 6 months from now. One of the best and most tried and true methods of generating leads is establishing an effective Pay-Per-Click campaign on Google Adwords. Many pool companies struggle with the complexities of setting up and managing their PPC advertising spend. That’s where we come in. As the leading marketing experts in the pool industry there is no better digital marketing agency equipped to help you run your pool companies Search Engine Marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing for Pool Builders, Pool Service Companies, Pool Equipment Suppliers, Pool Franchises
Having a marketing partner that manages your pool companies Google Adwords account is the best method to producing high quality pool leads for your organization.

Advertising For Pool Companies

Over the years we’ve spent marketing for pool companies we have developed some of the most viable web properties when it comes to lead generation. Our focus since day one has been to establish ourselves not only in the pool industry with pool builders, pool service companies, and pool franchises, but also with consumers. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time building our own advertising network to support our clients marketing efforts.

Lead Generation for Pool Builders & Pool Service Companies

Pool Contractor is a web portal we developed to help consumers find pool companies. The website itself generates thousands of visitors a day and hundreds of inquiries a month for pool companies. Pool Builders and Pool Service companies can list themselves for free in our directory as well as upgrade their listing to show up at the top of the search results and feature their listing on the site. We’ve built two apps on Google & Apple to support the advertising platform.

Pool Magazine is a news website dedicated to bringing consumers and the pool industry the latest information about swimming pools. We feature pool companies, write about pool builders and pool service companies, equipment manufacturers and their latest offerings. Pool Magazine is also a lifestyle magazine dedicated to highlighting the best that the pool industry has to offer. It’s an excellent advertising vehicle for your pool organization. Pool Magazine provides the kind of branding and visibility your pool organization needs.

Swimming Pool Loan is a financing portal we created to allow consumers to self select their credit situation and find the best lender to help finance their pool installation. Our lending portal receives thousands of visitors each day looking for pool financing information. Our network of lenders and builders provides them an all-in-one solution to obtain pool financing and a qualified recommended builder. This portal is particularly useful for pool construction companies looking to obtain more ready to buy prospects with cash-in-hand and approved financing.

We have spent considerable time and effort on optimizing our web properties to perform in search. Consequently, they are very highly ranked and the metrics on these websites is excellent for your pool companies SEO. Any effective backlinking strategy in SEO leads to high quality leads. It’s the nature of how search really works. Many advertising companies won’t tell you this, but if your long term lead generation goals are focused on getting your pool companies website to rank better in Google, this should definitely be on your radar.

Pool Contractor
Pool Contractor helps consumers find Pool Builders & Pool Service Companies in their local area and answers pool questions.
Pool Magazine
Pool News Magazine featuring the latest pool industry news, latest pool products, and updates from around the Swimming Pool Industry.
Swimming Pool Loan
Pool Loan portal for consumers to find instant pool financing with a lender best suited for their particular credit needs.
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  • Michael Cortez

    You guys do a great job at managing Google adwords, that much I know from first hand experience. Good article.

  • Mark Ressner

    We’ve been trying to up our game on Facebook for years. Tough nut to crack if you are a pool guy. We gave up on trying to build up on Social Media but have been killing it on SEO lately. What would you suggest for getting our FB going?