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Pool Service Marketing Ideas for Pool Experts

Pool Service Marketing Ideas for Growing Your Pool Business

You now have a pool service company. So, what’s next? It is the dream of every pool business owner to expand their clientele. But for them to do this, they need to develop appropriate marketing strategies. This way, their firms will carve a strong niche in the pool industry. In this article, we will outline some pool service marketing ideas that can help your business achieve prosperity.

Pool Service Marketing Ideas for Pool Experts

1. Studying your competitors

As a pool business owner, you have to identify your competitors. Find out those who are ahead of you and borrow some of their pool service marketing ideas. Consequently, you will be able to stay ahead of the game and gain a sharp competitive edge.

2. Pride yourself on building the brand

Nowadays, most business owners seek to establish brand loyalty. Thus, come up with a valid company name and professional logo. Invest a considerable amount of time in branding your assets. Ensure you print out your logo on staff uniforms, company vehicles, brochures, among other marketing materials. An eye-catching slogan also lures your target population into searching or your services.

3. Send out well-timed, promotional postcards

Postcards are a conventional way of marketing, yet very efficient. Contrary to popular belief, they still work in generating a more significant percentage of your leads. You can develop a beautiful postcard indicating the services and products you offer. Also, you can create postcards about the pool closing season. This way, they can contact you at the end of the summer season.

4. Using reviews to build your credibility

One of the best pool service marketing ideas is managing your reputation online. Ensure that your company has positive reviews on specific online sites like Yelp. In this digital era, most people rely on online customer feedback to find reliable pool companies. Moreover, everyone wants a reputable pool service company. So, request your satisfied clients to leave positive reviews on your online platforms.

5. Connecting with other local business owners

Being in the pool services industry requires you to partner with other pool companies. So, research on pool contractors in your local area. You can look for deck builders and landscapers. Once you establish these partnerships, you are likely to get more recommendations. In turn, your brand visibility increases. Furthermore, do not hesitate to return the favor by recommending them to your clients. You can also request them to put up your brochure on their store walls to maximize your brand visibility.

6. Offer a coupon

Undoubtedly, discounted prices and incentives lure more customers into buying your services. You can offer a certain percentage of discounts, especially in the low seasons, to maintain constant cash flow. Additionally, you should retain your repeat clients by giving them incentives.

7. Investing in a vehicle wrap

You can use your company vehicle for advertising your pool service company. All you have to do is install a wrap containing your company name, logo, and contact details on your car. Your company car visits many places. Thus, doing this increases your brand visibility. Ensure that the wrap is attractive and appealing yet professional. Let your contact details and company name stand out in the wrap.

8. Incentivize referrals

Keep in mind that your present clientele is a dependable source of new sales leads. A happy customer will always be ready to refer you to their family and friends who need the same services. Thus, offer discounts to repeat customers so that they can recommend you to others. An offer can be as simple as giving them a 10% discount on their next service. Also, a token of appreciation goes a long way in maintaining an excellent customer relationship.

9. New business cards

Consider creating a new design for your business cards regularly. Choose a beautiful and luring design and ensure your target population receives your cards. Business cards are solid marketing materials and help in generating more sales leads.

10. Optimizing your website for all devices

Once you establish your pool service business, a website is a must-have. Today, people search for everything online. So, create a reliable website and boost its SEO to get more sales leads. You can include keywords and relevant content to enable your target population to reach you easily. Also, your website needs to be accessible on smartphones.

Pool Service Marketing Ideas for Pool Experts

11. Try to advertise in the Yellow Pages

Market your company in the Yellow pages. Even though people think this is an inefficient pool service marketing idea, yellow pages can generate leads. In some regions, phonebook ads can bring in a substantial return on investment. Such areas are the rural and agricultural areas where the internet is not readily available to most of the population.

12. Try advertising with pay-per-call

One of the most effective pool service marketing ideas is pay per call advertising. This technique allows your lead generation services to market your services. Afterward, prospective clients can contact yours through your telephone or mobile. With this method, you will have to pay a certain fee based on the number of calls you get throughout the month.

13. Treating your prospects fairly

One of the best techniques to retain your customers is treating them respectfully. Remember, this is the service industry. So, observe time during appointments and do your best to deliver the best. Showing your customers that you have them in mind makes a big difference. This technique will help you expand your customer base through positive reviews, referrals, and recommendations.

With these pool service marketing ideas, you can really get the best kick-start on your new pool business or boost your existing one fast. 

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