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Pool SEO Experts Pool Marketing helps Pool Builders and Pool Service companies dominate in search engine with our SEO service.

As the leading seo experts in the pool industry, PoolMarketing.com® has been helping pool companies dominate in search engines for years. Our expertise at getting pool companies on Page 1 of a Google search result for the keywords they need to get found for is unprecedented. WIth our wide network of pool related web properties, there is no better marketing company or advertising agency in the pool industry that can even come close to the results we generate.

Why is SEO important for Pool Companies?

First off, if you don’t know what SEO is, let’s break that down first. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, meaning we optimize your website so that it’s found easily in Google and all other major search engines for the search phrases and keywords you need to get found for. Each and every day homeowners are searching Google for a variety of keywords and they are looking for companies and local service providers they can get an estimate from. Each one of those people is a potential lead and sale for some pool company, but if your website isn’t optimized for search engines, you have no idea just how many potential leads you are actually missing out on.

Lead generation can be a tricky thing for pool companies. Quite often they rely on marketing companies that don’t have a clue about the pool industry and how to generate quality leads. It’s very easy to quickly blow through thousands of dollars on Google Adwords and still not have a website that generates consistent lead flow. While we are often called in to optimize an existing website, building a website correctly from the ground up the right way is often the best approach if you truly want your website to rank well in Google.

Since we’ve been doing this professionally for pool companies for close to a decade, there is absolutely better company suited to help you achieve your marketing goals than Pool Marketing. Our ability to generate high quality pool leads is centered around our expertise in getting their websites to rank well in search. We are utilizing many of the very same methods we use in positioning ourselves as leaders in search to help our customers.

Case Study on Pool SEO

Inside of one year we managed to rank #1 for “Pool Magazine” ahead of Aqua Magazine, Pool & Spa News, Pool Pro Mag, and many other industry related news websites that have been operating for 10 years or more. We’re on page 1 for “Pool News” right behind PSN and they’ve been at it for going on 30 years. How did we do this? How did we come from out of nowhere to dominate in search engines overnight and upset the entire swimming pool industry? The answer is our unique understanding of website development and how search engines work. It’s why we have become the #1 source for SEO for Pool Builders & Pool Service Companies.

Now you may be saying, ok – well I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a fancy premium domain name that has branding power. How do I compete in search against much bigger competitors with way bigger advertising budgets? Again, search engine optimization is your friend and is the greatest equalizer in terms of capturing leads from organic web traffic instead of paying Google Adwords through the nose every month.

Obviously we can tout our abilities all day long of how we built our own website to rank #1 for “Pool Marketing“. (It’s okay to check it out, go ahead… we’ll wait); and how our combined web properties are generating hundreds of thousands of web visitors each year… but it’s better to show you what we can actually do for your business.

Okay so, it’s real world demonstration time. No smoke and mirrors, no fancy cut aways. Let’s look at an actual client of ours and how they rank locally in Google Search for the keywords they need to rank for. No long tail huge key phrases, just short tail keywords only. We use BrightLocal to do a localized search in their market to see search results in real time and we are looking for two things.

  1. How well our client ranks for short tail keywords that they need to rank for.
  2. If we’re really as good as we say we are at getting pool companies to rank in search.

That’s what it’s all about in a nutshell. Getting your pool companies website on the first page of Google is the great equalizer. It doesn’t cost a fortune and is a far more cost effective strategy then spending gobs of cash on paid ads that have a limited return.

Questions About Doing SEO For Pool Companies

  1. How long does it take for SEO to work?
    Think of SEO like going to the gym. If you’ve never lifted weights before, you’re not going to come out of there the first day looking like Arnold, but it’s about consistency. Constantly creating content and putting it in the right places so that Google looks at you like a big resource to consumers. SEO is a long term organic approach towards establishing consistent web traffic and high quality pool leads.
  2. How effective is SEO versus Google Adwords of Social Media Advertising?
    We get this question all the time and the answer is in the long term, you will generate 100X more leads off the same spend on SEO as you will with Google Adwords or running ads on Facebook or Instagram. Once your ad campaign budget is depleted your search exposure vanishes, likewise does your ad on whatever social media marketing you’re doing. The only way to ensure consistent exposure to your pool companies brand is through content creation and SEO. You can literally generate leads today off of content that was created 3 years ago, that’s how effective it is in comparison to those other methods.
  3. Can you get me to rank for (insert impossible keyword here)?
    The simple answer is, not always. Sometimes our clients budget for doing SEO is limited. Other times clients ask us to rank them nationally or globally which is a much more intensive process than simply ranking for local keyword searches. The real answer to the question is, it depends on what type of budget we have to work with. Nothing is impossible, and if you have a long term approach and a healthy budget for content creation and web development we can certainly tackle even the hardest keywords.
  4. Is SEO forever?
    Absolutely not. The only thing guaranteed in life are death and taxes. Google’s algorithm changes constantly, and staying ahead of the latest changes they may that can possible bring your SEO strategy to a screeching halt is why pool companies opt to go with our company. We live and breath this stuff day in day out, so trust us when we say that there isn’t a better marketing agency in the pool industry equipped to dealth with problems that arise and formulate winning solutions to help you maintain your great search rank.
  5. How do I know SEO is working?
    Not only do we deliver reports that show you milestone improvements in your web traffic and keyword results in serp (search engine results pages), but you can visually see the improvements in traffic reports like an EKG. The lifts you get in search are visually identifiable in Google Analytics reports, not some weird obscure 3rd party reporting suite. Ultimately, you’ll know your SEO is working by the amount of leads you’re getting.

We hope that we’ve helped to provide you with some clarity not only as to what SEO is but as it pertains to pool companies, how effective a marketing strategy it can be. If you’re looking for someone to help you take your pool companies marketing to the next level, feel free to schedule a consultation with us.

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