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Pool Builder Website - Responsive Design for Crystal Blue Aquatics

Pool Marketing is proud to have designed a new pool builder website. We’re also proud to be the official marketing partner of Crystal Blue Aquatics, one of the premier pool builders in Northern Virginia. Recently we got together with owner Jason De Bosky, a veteran pool builder and pool designer. They were a little leary about making an additional investment. After all, they had just had a website redesign done. Unfortunately they were unhappy with how it was performing. We had some great marketing ideas and discussed ways to improve their website design. We showed examples of how our concept for an updated look and feel would convert more customers.

Our Methodology for Creating Pool Builder Websites

We began the project by re-writing most of the content that was conveyed to customers. Our expert copywriters crafted engaging web copy for the new site. With an emphasis on making it perform well for SEO, but also connecting at a human level. Ensuring the copy we created would ultimately perform well for search engines as well as real consumers.

Pool Marketing specializes in creating world class sophisticated marketing websites for Pool Builders

Sophisticated Pool Builder Websites

In the pool industry, websites with great photo galleries and a wide variety of content often produce the best results. In terms of lead generation, we crafted a compelling website that answers many consumer related questions. We anchored each page with strong calls to action that prompt visitors to want submit their information. In addition, we were able to provide other website services such as workflow automation on their leads. We synced all their incoming web leads to their CRM system JobNimbus. As a result, we cut out the need to have to enter leads into their job management software.

A Pool Builders Website Gallery Should Be Exciting & Interactive
A Pool Builders Website Gallery Should Be Enticing & Interactive

IT Support for Pool Builders

Making an effective pool builder website involves various back-end tasks. Consequently, business didn’t skip a beat because we took care of all the back end IT tasks that come with moving over a website to a new hosting provider. We took care of DNS changes, moving over email boxes, and doing all the back-end changes in Google that come with making a big website change. As a result, Crystal Blue Aquatics never missed out on any emails, leads or hit any hurdles in search when it came to rolling out a new website. It’s that kind of seamless transition that makes doing business with PoolMarketing make sense.

Pool buyers have many different companies to contend with when buying a swimming pool. As a marketing tool, your pool companies website is probably the most important resource for attracting leads and potential customers. In 2021, the majority of home owners are internet savvy. When they are looking at a pool builders website, they expect to see a certain level of professionalism and aesthetic that promotes confidence. After all, they are about to spend a large sum of money and make an enormous investment in their home. Consequently, a professional marketing website is often the differentiating factor for consumers when choosing which swimming pool contractor to work with.

Pool Builder Marketing

A pool builders website is a living breathing thing. It’s not a set it and forget it enterprise. Ongoing marketing support and continuous optimization are key. Crystal Blue Aquatics knows that their website and marketing are the cornerstone of their lead flow. That’s why they engage the monthly marketing services of the pool industries leading marketing experts. Now that we’ve lauched their new website, we are engaged in promoting it. Our monthly marketing services involve lead generation efforts, reputation management, SEO, and digital marketing. As a result, we’ve managed to improve lead flow and provide the type of marketing representation they truly needed.

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