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Important Pool Marketing Ideas

Important Pool Marketing Ideas

Currently, every business owner needs to have valuable pool marketing ideas. Thus, if you own a pool company, it is best to always lookout for new marketing opportunities to expand your clientele. But there is a broad spectrum of marketing ideas, hence choosing the right ones could be challenging. So, let’s take a look at three pool marketing ideas that could help you grow your business.

Important Pool Marketing Ideas

1. Video marketing

Undoubtedly, attractive pools tend to be more appealing to your target population. Thus, you can use video marketing to lure your clients into buying your pool services. Based on a recent study done by YouTube and comScore, video marketing is highly effective in expanding one’s clientele. The study showed that the youth watch videos more often and are likely to encounter ads. Consequently, the majority of them take action by actually buying your services or products. Moreover, another study proved that video marketing could increase your sales by more than 75 percent.

Therefore, if you have a pool business, incorporate video marketing. You can add videos to your website and on your YouTube channel. Doing this attracts your target population to visit your pool property. Some of the videos you could create include:

  • A video of your pool property tour
  • Pool landscape videos
  • swimming pool safety videos
  • Pool cleaning procedure video
  • Employee introduction video
  • Renovation procedures in your pool

You can take videos using an improvised camera or your smartphone. After posting the videos on your website, you should test the efficiency. Keep a record of the videos your customers like the most. You can formulate an online survey to ask your clients what they would like to see in your videos. Additionally, your customers can post their feedback in the form of a video.

2. Social media marketing

Almost all of your clients are present on social media platforms. If they had a good experience using your pool, they could befriend you on Facebook. Once they do this, tag them in your pictures or posts so that their friends can see. Consider adding your website links to your social media pages. Some of the information you can share include images of past successful projects and informative posts.

The online platforms you can use include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Furthermore, you can use these platforms to offer incentives and offers to your target population. For instance, you can advertise a 20% discount sale on your Facebook page. Keep your customers up to date with the trending pool maintenance tips.

Three benefits of social media marketing

Undeniably, social media marketing is one of the best pool marketing ideas nowadays. Pool owners using this technique receive a substantial return on investment. But how?

a. You connect directly with leads

Social media marketing allows people to generate more leads. Whenever you post anything online, the post reaches a population with specific characteristics. This way, you can lure customers by assuring them your services will cater to their needs.

Additionally, your pool company can establish an excellent customer relationship through leads. Come up with interesting and relevant articles they can relate with. Also, create a page where you’ll answer the frequently asked questions to cater to all your customer’s fears, queries, and doubts. Consequently, a robust customer relationship will be the outcome.

Furthermore, having a good relationship with your customers enables you to promote brand awareness and loyalty. Online platforms will allow you to express your value proposition to your customers. Also, you can create a well-known reputation with them.

How to Advertise Pool Business
In an artwork rich industry like Pools, why wouldn’t you want to advertise your end product on Social Media?

b. You can promote your content

Through social media, you can present everything you want your clients to know about your business. Content creation keeps your target audience informed and lures them into purchasing your services or products. You can promote your content through attractive videos, images, articles, among others.

Your target audience can like, share, and comment. This way, you will identify the tastes and preferences of your target population. As a result, this helps you come up with an effective marketing strategy.

c. It’s cost-effective

Before, companies used to hire expensive marketing firms. Nowadays, you can personally market your content at no cost. Sharing on most online platforms is free. Also, creating online pages is free.

All you need to do is create some time to post your content. Apportion enough time to come up with creative posts that will attract your audience. Once you do this, you’ll increase your sales leads.

Nonetheless, you can incur low costs when sponsoring your content through paid ads. If you’re not familiar with creating relevant content, you can hire a digital marketing firm to assist you. Even if you incur these costs, your return on investment will be much higher. Ultimately, social media marketing is one of the cheapest pool marketing ideas to expand your customer base.

3. Referral marketing

Based on previous research, more than sixty percent of new business customers come from referrals. Therefore, it is vital to become aggressive and request happy clients to give you referrals. You can ask them to recommend their friends and provide public customer feedback. Ensure that you send links to your customers to make it simpler for them to provide you with a positive rating. Furthermore, offer incentives to them once they give you referrals. This way, they will be more encouraged to provide you with more recommendations. Appreciation posts or cards are also helpful after your happy customers give you referrals.

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