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Video Marketing Experts for Pool Builders & Pool Service Companies

It’s common knowledge that video marketing performs better than static images. If pool buyers have the choice between downloading your 100MB PDF brochure or watching a minute long trailer video, they will opt to watch a video every time. It’s because video does a better job at conveying what you’re trying to say and is more entertaining and frankly takes way less effort to consume.

82% of Internet Traffic now comes from Video Content.

Videos Cost next to nothing to Produce long lasting SEO Results that pay dividends again & again & again.

Ahhhh, but videos take too long to make and cost too much to produce you may be saying. This little video right here took us all of 20 minutes to make and cost us $5 to produce and has been viewed over 10,000 times because it’s a winner. It doesn’t take long to watch, it hits all the right notes quickly and it leaves you with a few lasting impressions.

  1. PoolMarketing.com knows how to make great marketing videos that resonate with people, that’s a given.
  2. Video is the best form of marketing and you should be more actively engaged in making them because it’s an easy SEO win for your pool company.
  3. A marketing company like ours cranks these videos out like nothing. You could sit there all day long trying to design one that might not turn out half as good, or you could sell pools all day long and hire us to do the video design & video production for you. The latter sounds more appealing than the former.

Pool Marketing Experts

Video is our wheelhouse, so is Social Media Marketing and Web Design. We do this stuff for a living and we do it exceedingly well. Let us design professional video advertising for your pool company and help you increase your organizations visibility and branding. PoolMarketing.com has helped Pool Builders just like you increase their revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars using these same marketing tactics, let us do it for you!

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest In Video Marketing

  1. The lowest cost of advertising and highest yield return on your marketing investment is Video.
  2. Video keeps your website traffic engaged and on your website longer.
  3. It is easier to share and consume video than any other media.
  4. Video marketing can lower ROI on advertising by up to 80%.
  5. Video marketing produces high quality, high intent leads from consumers who are already educated about your products and services.

Top 5 Video Tools Used For Marketing

  1. Vidyard – Make and share personalized videos. Reports tell you when your video was viewed, who viewed it, and how often.
  2. Animoto – Their platform allows you to create quick animated videos with absolutely no video production experience you can produce some pretty sophisticated results.
  3. Biteable – Both of these videos were designed and created on the Biteable platform in less than 20 minutes are great for video marketing and cost a bare minimum amount of money to produce.
  4. Screencast-O-Matic – Allows you to edit your videos online, add narrations, text overlays, video and image overlays, and create sophisticate walk throughs and explainer videos.
  5. YouTube – Last but not least, the ultimate platform for marketing your creations is YouTube. The search engine impact that relative content can have on your web traffic is enormous, has long lasting effects on lead draw and provides you branding and visibility far beyond any other form of video advertising.

PoolMarketing.com’s Video Marketing Specialties

  • Video Marketing for Pool Builders
  • Marketing Video Production for Pool Builders
  • Video Commercials for Pool Builders
  • Pool Builder Marketing Videos
  • Pool Construction Video Marketing
  • Swimming Pool Company Video Marketing
  • Pool Company Video Production
  • Pool Builder Video Production
  • Social Media Pool Video Marketing
  • Pool Builder Explainer Videos
  • Pool Builder Explainer Video Design
  • Explainer Video Production
  • Explainer Video Design
  • Marketing Videos for Pool Companies
  • Social Media Marketing Videos for Pool Builders
  • YouTube Marketing for Pool Builders
  • YouTube Videos for Pool Builders
  • Facebook Videos for Pool Builders
  • Facebook Video Ads for Pool Builders

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