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How to Market a Swimming Pool Business

How to Market a Swimming Pool Business

With the evolution of technology, digital marketing has become an essential aspect of all businesses. Currently, most service companies generate sales through online marketing techniques. In the pool industry, various marketing methods help in expanding pool companies. Also, efficient marketing techniques enable pool companies to gain a competitive edge in the market. We will talk about some of the marketing techniques incorporated by pool companies to market a swimming pool business.

How to Market a Swimming Pool Business

Increasing Local Word of Mouth

Although a conventional marketing method, word of mouth is helpful. Today, word of mouth marketing happens through customer feedback. Therefore, make sure you maintain a good reputation by providing quality services. Moreover, please do your best to prevent unhappy customers from expressing their reviews on your online platforms. On the other hand, ensure that your happy customers generate a positive review for you. All in all, ensure that you reply to every customer feedback expressed online. 

Content Marketing

Relevant content significantly promotes your search rankings. Thus, you have to identify with your target population. This way, you can incorporate the exact words they use when searching for something on the internet. Also, focus on coming up with content that addresses your target population’s queries. Consequently, your pool company will look like a brand professional who knows what they are doing.

When creating content, note that consumers always set high expectations. The quality, appropriate, and beneficial information is what they desire to see.

Facebook Targeting

Facebook is the largest online platform globally. So, if you desire to expand your swimming pool business, you have to reach your prospective customers through this media. Besides engaging with your prospects, you can establish business partnerships using Facebook. Real estate companies and home contractors can partner with you. As a result, this increases your brand awareness and visibility.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website should bring in more than 95% of sales leads. In this day and age, most people search for everything through Google. Therefore, you can take advantage of this opportunity by maximizing your Search Engine Optimization. Some of the ways swimming pool business owners can promote their search engine optimization include:

  • Implementing keywords on their online platforms
  • Creating and posting relevant content
  • Posting videos on their sites
  • Using backlinks.
  • Content

One of the significant ways to boost SEO is by creating relevant content. The content that appears on your website should offer a high standard and informative information. So, invest a lot of time to develop the best content for your website and other online platforms.

Text/Mobile Business Card

Consider expanding your customer base through both online and offline techniques. Ensure that your website contains your telephone number, WhatsApp number, and email alongside your logo. This way, customers can contact you by messaging you via text or WhatsApp. Additionally, come up with a link to share your contact details with potential business partners and other prospects. You can also request satisfied clients to provide you with referrals. They can do this by sending your contact details to their friends in need of the same services.

Directory Listings

Make sure that your swimming pool business is part of a directory listing. Nearly all businesses have an account on Google Listings. Thus, create relevant information to include in the listing. Your company name, address, mission, and a short description of your services or products offered ought to appear in the listing. Also, ensure that your directory listing does not contradict the information provided on other online platforms.

Video Marketing / Live Streaming

As a swimming pool business owner, one of the most effective advertising strategies you can use includes video marketing. Video Marketing enables your clients to witness the results of your work. As a result, most of them are likely to book an appointment with you after seeing your credibility on a visual level.

How to Market a Swimming Pool Business

Furthermore, a larger percentage of youth are likely to buy your products or services after seeing your company’s video. So, do not hesitate to show your target population what you can do through YouTube videos. Create a YouTube channel and add the link to your website. This technique will generate more traffic for you since Google will give your website a higher ranking. Some of the pool content ideas for your YouTube videos include:

  • The most common problems encountered by a swimming pool business
  • The reasons why your pool is causing allergies to end-users and how you need to fix it
  • Why you should hire a pool expert to fix all your pool problems
  • Email Marketing
  • Pool cleaning and maintenance process videos

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is still useful in this digital era. One of the best ways to engage with your target population is through email. Email marketing reaches your prospective clients regardless of where they are.

All you need to do is identify all your target customers’ mail IDs and send them your marketing materials. You can also inform them of any relevant updates and offers. These may lure them into buying your products and services.

Also, request your previous customers to give you referrals to their family members or friends in need of the same service.

Furthermore, you can follow up with those who don’t give replies to your emails. There is a broad spectrum of applications for your pool company to use when it comes to email marketing.


In summary, marketing your swimming pool business requires you to use specific strategies. If you are wondering where to begin, all you have to do is start with the outlined techniques in the above article. Revisit the main objectives of your company and match them with the most suitable marketing strategies.

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