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Massive Goolge Algorithm Update - August 10, 2020

Potentially Massive Google Update on August 10, 2020 turned search results upside down

SEO’s and webmasters everywhere were holding their breath today. At approximately 2 p.m. PST – it seems that there was either a bug or that Google test released a massive algorithm update that turned search positions upside down for a few hours. Whether it was a glitch or test release of major algorithm update is unconfirmed at this time. What it confirmed is that whatever occured was deemed unsuccessful by the masses and produced some seriously undesireable results (at least for a few hours).

Many took to the Twitterverse to complain as they watched the SERP’s change minute by minute like a Stock ticker. SEO Roundtable was the first one to report the news that had everyone sharing this article like wild fire on Twitter all day. It was a wild ride for a few hours but the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) seems to have leveled out now. SERP results look to have equalized to what they were prior to the massive update.

Search Engine Journal does a great job of logging Google Algorithm Updates. This one has not officially been logged yet by them, so we’re highly skeptical that the update the occurred today has completed. Likewise, Moz who also logs all major Google Algorithm updates, has not officially reported at this time. This seems to have either been a glitch or a test run of a major Google Algorithm Update that may soon occur worldwide.

Pool Companies need to brace for the next big update, it may be on the way

Pool Companies need to continue to watch their Search Engine rank over the next few days and weeks, as this is a sure sign of a massive update to come. Hopefully Google got a good laugh out of scaring the living daylights out of everyone today. This update was reminiscent of the incredible Panda and Penguin algorithm updates that redefined the standards of SEO and changed what our search results looked like overnight.

What does an update like this mean for pool companies?

A major update like this occurs once every few years and completely changes the game. Search results stay crazy for weeks, sometimes months until SEO’s can get things straightened out. We haven’t seen a big update in a few years – so today was especially unsettling as it looked as if Google Armageddon had arrived. Not to worry though. Pool Companies have access to the SEO expertise that PoolMarketing.com provides. If an update like this disrupts business and web traffic for your pool company, contact us right away and we will troubleshoot for you to get you back on top of the search results.


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