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Integrate Your Website Contact Form With Ion Pool Care Using Zapier

Many pool companies wonder how to successfully integrate the contact form on their website with iON Pool Care. The software is a popular with pool service companies looking for an all-in-one operating system and CRM system. While this software is great for tracking customers, there is little API support or a means to directly talk to your website. You may want to do this simply to eliminate the need for data entry into the system.

Set up an Integration between Ion Pool Care With Your Websites Contact Form

Manually entering every single lead that comes in through your website into iON Pool Care can be a hassle. It’s definitely time-consuming and labor-intensive if you’re doing it twice and not using the sync capabilities between the pool service software and Quickbooks, the native accounting software it’s meant to interface with. Pool companies who are using both Ion Pool Care and Quickbooks can easily integrate the contact form on their website to automatically pass those form entries into both your accounting software and your CRM.

Ion Pool Care

Unfortunately, there are no form creation tools either in iON Pool Care or its sister product Pro Edge Build (incidentally this tutorial should work for both softwares). However, it does offer Quickbooks Integration and if you are using this functionality with the software, you’re in luck. There is a workflow automation product called Zapier that will save you time and money and cut down on all that unnecessary data entry.

Follow this quick demo and we’ll show you how to use Zapier and the Email Parser & QuickBooks integration to create a simple workflow automation to automatically pass your website contact form entries into Ion Pool Care.

Watch a video demonstration on how to integrate your Website contact form with Ion Pool Care using Zapier

Step 1: Create a Zapier Account

Create a Zapier Account – This automation workflow will require the paid version of Zapier which is only $20 bucks a month and is worth its weight in gold if you’re doing lots of data entry into your CRM. (Incidentally we do not get paid for referring Zapier, they don’t have a referral program and we don’t make a dime for doing this, it’s just a great product).

Step 2: Create an Integration

Starting with Email Parser & Quickbooks. There is no direct workflow for Email Parser to Ion Pool Care so unfortunately it must be done this way.

Zapier Email Parser
Zapier Email Parser Integration With Quickbooks

Step 3: Create an email parser address

You can make one at https://parser.zapier.com and add the unique address it supplies into your contact form’s distribution list. This would be the to: field of where your emails go, simply add a comma and the address (ie: first@poolguy.com,second@poolguy.com,32094u23@robot.zapier.com)

Step 4: Map the fields

Begin mapping the fields in your email contact form to the fields you wish to pass into Quickbooks Online in Zapier (not shown in the video but simple to do).

Zapier Quickbooks Integration
Map all of the fields from Email Parser in the Quickbooks Integration step.

Step 5: Set up Sync Between Quickbooks & Ion Pool Care

For this you’ll have to login to Ion and go to the Quickbooks Online Sync section inside Integration in the left hand panel. Set the sync to occur hourly.

Ion Pool Care Integration Between Your Website and the CRM
Set up a quick Ion Pool Care Integration Between Your Website and the CRM using Zapier

That’s it. Pretty straight forward and if you need any assistance setting up a workflow automation between your website and ION Pool Care feel free to contact us anytime.

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