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New Startup Pool Marketing Will Revoluitionize Lead Generation in the Pool Industry

After careful consideration, Pool Marketing has decided to add itself to the list of Internet startups seeking outside investors. In preparation, we have some disclosures about our initial investment & investors. Initial seed investment in the company of $350,000 is split between 80% interest in primary equity holders Marianne Trusty (40%) & Joseph Trusty (40%), 20% interest with family members (private investors) who have contributed an investment in procuring the companies domain assets PoolContractor.com, PoolMagazine.com, SwimmingPoolLoan.com, and others, as well as for initial ongoing monthly recurring marketing costs & expenditures.

We are seeking a first round of funding from Venture Capital firms, Angel investors, and private equity firms interested in reviewing our pitch deck, learning more about plans to monetize our web properties, and revenue models for growth. The company itself is currently a registered DBA under Norcal Web Designs, LLC, the parent company for Pool Marketing. We plan to re-structure as a C corporation before bringing in outside investors.

You can find more information about our Corporate position, products and services on the following websites:

Interested parties may inquire with investors@poolmarketing.com.

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Pool Marketing Expert - Joe Trusty provides expert marketing advice to Pool Builders and Pool Service companies. Joe Trusty is a veteran marketing expert with over 20 years experience in Website Design & Development and SEO. He successfully managed Marketing & IT for one of the world's largest Pool Builders and increased their revenue annually by hundreds of millions of dollars. Joe Trusty is the foremost marketing expert in the Swimming Pool Industry and CEO of PoolMarketing.com

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