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Pool Magazine - PoolMagazine.com - Pool News website

Pool Marketing announced the official launch of PoolMagazine.com today, a new web property we’ve launched for the Swimming Pool Industry. The web based magazine will feature the latest pool industry news. Pool Magazine will also spotlight and feature top pool builders, pool service companies and pool equipment manufacturers from around the world. Highlighting the latest innovations in pool technology and showcasing the top pool companies from around the globe.

Pool Magazine - Pool News website officially launches August 2020

Pool Magazine will be syndicated on over 100 different websites

“Pool Magazine will have something that appeals to everyone”, said PoolMarketing.com CEO Joe Trusty. “From an industry standpoint it’s a great opportunity for companies to improve their branding & visibility.” said Marianne Trusty, President of Pool Marketing. “Pool Magazine will be syndicated on over 100 different web properties PoolMarketing.com owns including Pool Contractor, Swimming Pool Loan, Pool Designers, Pool Marketer and many others.”

User Generated Content is a key ingredient to success

The website will depend on user generated content initially, but plans to advertise and allow guest posting from industry writers. PoolMagazine.com definitely has some great branding potential behind it but is in stiff competition with other websites with already established traffic bases and industry ties to manufacturers. The brand is banking on the SEO expertise of PoolMarketing.com to drive traffic and advertisers to the platform in the upcoming months and has already established yearly advertising contracts with several pool companies prior to officially announcing their launch.

Monthly Podcast featuring Pool Industry Leaders

Pool Magazine plans on starting a monthly podcast featuring interviews from the leaders in the pool industry. Syndication for the magazine will initially be internet based, but CEO of PoolMarketing.com – Joe Trusty has grand aspirations to make it a monthly syndicated print piece that is self published in house and distributed monthly to industry leaders. This will be something that the brand is committed to achieving by 2021. “As soon as it’s logistically possible, we plan on printing and distributing it as a Monthly magazine” said Marianne Trusty, President of Pool Marketing.

Pool Magazine is planning a monthly Podcast for the Pool Industry starting in September 2020
The new pool podcast launches March 2021 and will feature interviews with leaders in the Pool Industry as well as other thought leaders in Swimming Pools.

Best Pool Contractor in America Awards

PoolContractor.com will utilize the services of Pool Magazine to administer it's prestigious Best Pool Contractor in America award.
PoolContractor.com will utilize Pool Magazine to administer it’s “Best Pool Contractor in America” annual award.

PoolMagazine.com will also administer sister site PoolContractor.com’s prestigious “Best Pool Contractor in America” award. This yearly who’s who list in the pool industry will feature the top pool builders from around the nation. Using a different formula for rating different tiers of builders based on gross annual revenue. Pool Magazine plans to host an award for 3 markets – Small Market – under $3 million annual revenue, Medium Market – over $3 but under $10 million annual revenue, and Large Market – over $10 million in yearly gross revenue. This new rating system will help grow visibility for some of the best builders in the world who seldom make the PSN Top 50.

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